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12 Giri Nagar, Kadavanthra, Kochi 20, Kerala, India Kochi Kerala, Kochi, India
Specialty: Dentistry, Skin Care
Focus Area: Facets Dental | Dental Implant | Dental Aligners | Smile Brightening | Hollywood Smile | Skin Care | Kochi | India

Facets Dental Profile Overview

Facets Dental- Effective and Affordable Dental Care in Kochi, IndiaFacets Dental- Effective and Affordable Dental Care in Kochi, India

Facets Dental is a leading name in the field of dental care for providing a wide range of affordable and effective procedures. Located in Kochi, India, the clinic takes complete dental care for people of all ages. The clinic is not just popular among domestic patients but also among the international patients on vacation or dental tour. 

Facets Dental values their relationship with the patients. They provide dental wellness session that suits your expectation and lifestyle. Most importantly, they provide exclusive dental solutions for individual patients. After listening and understanding the requirement, they inform about the options and recommendations. Apart from dental treatments, they also provide top-notch skin care solutions. This is followed by treatment planning, execution, periodic review and recall.

Treatments and Procedures:

  • Dental Implant
  • Dental Aligners
  • Smile Brightening
  • Facial Growth Corrections
  • Skin Care

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