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Eva Hospital - Affordable Multi Specialty Hospital in Surat India

4th Floor, Milionarie business Park, L.P.Savani Road, Adajan-Pal, Surat-395009, Gujarat, India, Surat, India
Price Range: $300 - $30000
Associated Doctors: Dr Rushabh Mehta, Dr Bharat Mehta
Specialty: Cancer Treatment, Dentistry, Fertility Treatment, General Surgery, Gynecology Treatment, Infertility/IVF, Laparoscopic Surgery, Spine Care/Surgery
Focus Area: Eva Hospital | Surat | India | Infertility IVF | Maternity | Aesthetic Gynecology | Laproscopy | General Surgery | Dental Care

Eva Hospital Profile Overview

Eva Hospital- Best of IVF, Maternity, Laproscopy, General Surgery and Dental Care in Surat, IndiaEva Hospital- Best of IVF, Maternity, Laproscopy, General Surgery and Dental Care in Surat, India


Eva Hospital is strategically located in Surat, India providing excellent and top-notch health care in infertility treatment, IUI, IVF, Laparoscopy, Maternity, Aesthetic Gynecology, General Surgery and dental wellness. The ISO Certified Hospital provides 24/7 emergency facilities and ensure personalized and unique experience to the patients throughout their journey. The team is committed to provide excellent healthcare and listen to the needs and concerns of the patients, which helps them to do the very best to exceed patients' expectations. 

Apart from excellent patient care, Eva Hospital is also known for highest quality standards in terms of skilled doctors and latest equipments. Every section of the hospital is supported by the latest equipments, which makes the procedures faster and perfect. They value each patient and strive to deliver affordable, high-quality health care. Their motto is to act with fairness, honesty, integrity along with respect, dignity and loyalty.

Treatments and Facilities:

  • IVF
  • ICSI
  • IUI
  • Maternity Treatment
  • Laproscopy
  • Hysteroscopy
  • Aesthetic Gynecology
  • Dental Treatment
  • General Surgery

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