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Vittoria Vita- Best Surrogacy Programs in Kyiv, Ukraine

Vittoria Vita is recognized as one of the leading surrogacy agency located in the heart of Kyiv, Ukraine. It offers various infertility treatments and surrogacy programs using IUI, IVF and donor sperm.

Vittoria Vita works with the best doctors in the country to offer the highest standard of medical care to individuals. Over the years, the clinic has acquired a brilliant reputation in the global scenario. There are more than 500 infertile couples who have made their way into parenthood after receiving treatment at Vittoria Vita. The clinic has been serving the patients for more than 10 years.

Surrogacy treatment is not commonly available in most of the European countries since the procedure is not legally approved in many places. Ukraine, however, allows individuals to receive commercial surrogacy treatment. The clinic is equipped with modern facilities and doctors at the clinic use state of the art technology and the latest surgical tools to deliver the best results.  

Vittoria Vita in Kyiv aims to offer affordable surrogacy treatment for all. There are 4 different surrogacy programmes known as ‘care’, ‘victory’, ’success’ and ‘guarantee’. All the packages include the cost of medical care, institutional arrangements, payments to surrogate mother and legal support for the treatment.


  • Surrogacy program “Guarantee”
  • Surrogacy program “Success”
  • Surrogacy program “Victory”
  • Surrogacy program “Care”
  • Surrogacy program comparison
  • IVF program “Result”
  • IVF program “Chance”
  • IVF program “New Life”

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