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High Profile

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

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Rhinoplasty in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

High Profile- Best Aesthetic Nose Surgery and Otolaryngology Solutions in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

High Profile brings the best solutions for aesthetic nose surgery and otolaryngology for national and international patients in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The clinic provides the best chances to beautify yourself with an aesthetic surgery, rhinoplasty or nose correction. The best thing about High Profile is the able assistance of renowned experts along with inexpensive lower fees and international quality standards.

Apart from nose surgery rhinoplasty, High Profile also provides the best of ENT services such as: 

  • Emergencies- Nose wounds and fractures, extraction of foreign bodies in nose, ears and epistaxis
  • Nose- Deviated nasal septum, chronic and allergic rhinitis, sinusitis.
  • Ears- Ears, external otitis, otitis media acute and chronic, deaf
  • Larynx- Vocal fold and voice disorders
  • Dizziness- Laberintitis, meniere disease, benign paroxysmal postural vertigo
  • Throat- Acute and chronic amidalalitis, Adenoid hypertrophy, Tracheostomias

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Aesthetic Nose Surgery in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Why Choose High Profile Clinic?

High profile team is focussed on the detail and offers world-class modern and convenient facilities for the patients' comfort. High Profile clinic is run under the able guidance of Dr. Renata Cárdenas who is a member of the Mexican ENT society graduated from the University of Guadalajara, is an expert in functional, aesthetic and corrective nose surgery (for negative cases of previous surgeries).

High Profile is always updated with the latest medical trends in terms of ear and throat surgery along with DX, TX and ear surgery protocols. Also, the experts of cosmetic, functional and nasal surgery ensure the best possible care and service for the patients. 

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Aesthetic Nose Surgery in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

High Profile Medical Team

Dr. Renata Cárdenas has 15 years of experience in nose, ear and throat surgeries, as well as the diseases of these areas. She makes sure that she select experts from a competent team of professionals. Together they provide solutions in their specialty for all types of cases. Dr. Renata Cárdenas believes in the continuous preparation and practice of knowledge. Dr. Renata's background overview:

  • Mexican Otorrinolaringology Society and H&N surgeon.
  • Conacem
  • Society of Otorrinolaringologists and H&N surgeon
  • UMA Centro Médico Nacional de Occidente

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Cosmetic Surgery and ENT in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Why Puerto Vallarta, Mexico?

Puerto Vallarta is situated on the Mexican Pacific Ocean, in Banderas Bay, among the most stunning locations on the planet. Lovely tropical surroundings, framed by the magnificent mountains of the Sierra Madre range, 40 miles of coastline and beaches, with crystal clear turquoise water. An unthinkable range of adventure and outdoor activities, much to see and encounter, and several championship golf courses. Visitors can definitely enjoy this high-class location. 

Puerto Vallarta is the habitat for many of the most esteemed art galleries in Mexico, and it has a remarkable variety of artisan booths and completely open industry events of all kinds of art and crafts in the old town and along the renowned “Malecon”. The entire area is also globally known by all for the broad and varied eating venue and culinary experiences. It is, in fact, an essential gourmet location for conventional Mexican and International dishes.

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