Dr. Orawan Holistic Beauty and Anti Aging Institute

Dr. Orawan Holistic Beauty and Anti Aging Institute

Phuket, Thailand

92/1-4 Moo 2, Thep Kra Satri Rd, Ko Kaeo, Mueang, Phuket Phuket

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Medical Spa Tourism at Dr. Orawan Holistic Beauty and Anti Aging Institute, Phuket, Thailand

Medical Spa Tourism at Dr. Orawan Holistic Beauty and Anti Aging Institute, Phuket, Thailand

Dr. Orawan Holistic Beauty and Anti Aging Institute, located in Phuket, Thailand was established in the year 1988 by Wg. Cdr. Dr. Orawan Kitchawengkul MD. She is one of the world-famous gurus in health and beauty. Dr. Orawan is the pioneer in her field of holistic beauty care and anti-aging. She is a known and respected Guru for Thailand in the field of medical spa tourism. Her years of services are dedicated to blending the best Eastern world remedies and medicines for beauty and wellness and harmonize them effectively with those of the West.

This holistic approach to nourishing beauty and wellness has given birth to a whole range of innovative Orawana solutions to health and beauty. The clinic offers superior quality, services, and innovation that has won several awards and recognition from across the world. Dr. Orawan is committed to bring the best solutions to her clients and offer them a younger and healthier than ever before.

Treatments and Procedures:

Holistic & Wellness

Anti Aging Treatment

Beauty Treatment

Laser & Light Therapy

Natural Herb Treatment

Treatment Checkup

Face Treatments

  • Organic Mask and Cold Laser Facial Therapy to remove impurities and  reduce roughness of skin
  • 24-karat Nano Gold Facial Treatment for firming and anti-aging benefits
  • Pico & Nano Second Laser for all facial pigmented problems
  • Diode, IPL and Nd-Yag Lasers for Hair Removal
  • Innojector for face lifting and skin rejuvenation
  • Nano Gold Fractional Radiofrequency for skin rejuvenation
  • Plasma Radiofrequency for eyes & lips rejuvenation
  • Ultra Vitamin IV Therapy with Quantum Treatment for boosting inner beauty glow
  • Botox or Dysport Injection for wrinkle-smoothing effects
  • Filler “ Restylane” Injections
  • Microcurrent (Vitamin A& C facial rejuvenation Face, Face & Eyes, Face, eyes & neck, Octolift with microcurrent)

Body Treatments

  • Innojetor for sweat and odor reduction at both underarms with Dysport innojetor
  • Pico & Nano second Laser Tattoo removal
  • Permanent Hair Removal (Underarm, Upper arm, Lower arm, Bikini’s lines, Upper chest, Chest, Upper abdomen, Whole abdomen, Upper Leg, Lower Leg)
  • Varicose vein removal (Sclero Therapy, Laser)
  • Stretchmark and scar removal (Fractional Laser, Innojetor)
  • Weight Reduction Package (IV therapy, Low Level Laser, LED, Acupuncture, Quantum, Whole Body Vibration Therapy, Ear acupuncture)

Hair Growth Treatment

  • Hydroacupuncture with Low Level Laser & Quantum Therapy
  • Innojetor Hair growth
  • Hair Bio fiber Transplant 1 graft
  • Hair Follicular Extraction Transplant
  • Orawana Hair growth massage with cold laser therapy 30′

Holistic Treatments & Care

  • Sophisticated Energy & Toxin check up with Biomolecular Resonance image
  • Telomere gene checkup for life span
  • Tumor marker checkup for CA
  • Hormonal checkup (Male, Female)
  • Complete Blood Count (Blood group, Diabetic checkup, Lipid profile checkup, Liver function test, Kidney function test and Inflammation marker checkup)
  • Genetic checkup (For CA and PD53)
  • Infection Checkup (VDRL, Viral hepatitis A,B,C, Antigen Antibody and Human Papilloma Virus)
  • Ebsteinbar Virus | HIV | Etc.
  • Allergy test (IgG Food Intolerance Test and IgE Test)
  • Auto immune test

For more information about the treatments and procedures offered Dr. Orawan Holistic Beauty and Anti Aging Institute, please contact us!



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