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Best Stem Cell Therapy for Anti-Aging in India, Asia

Package price starting from: $9300
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Best Stem cell Therapy Package with Integrative therapies for Anti-Aging in India

Stem Cell Therapy for Anti-Aging in India

Dr. Pravin Patel Centre provides affordable package for Stem cell Therapy with integrative therapies for Anti-Aging in Vadodara, India. Following advances in medicine, these cellular regenerative therapies with stem cells have become increasingly popular throughout many years as alternatives to modern rejuvenation treatments. Via subdermal transplantation and intravenous infusion, human mesenchymal stem cells derived from umbilical cord tissues or adipose / bone marrow derived stem cells have the potential to grow new healthy skin cells, muscle cells, and organs. This treatment also has the potential to lengthen telomeres to reduce genetic aging and improve long-term health.

The rate and progression of cell aging varies greatly from person to person. In time, aging affects the cells of every important organ in the body. Thanks to Stem Cell Therapy the aging process can be slowed down, wrinkles reduced, the appearance of the skin improved, the effects of degenerative diseases diminished and the energy levels increased.

Our experienced and highly professional doctors will tailor individual program for you that will include all cell types your body needs and other rejuvenation and revitalization procedures.  This therapy restores damaged and aging cells making you look younger and healthier.

Package price: $9,300 (USD)

Treatment: Stem cell therapy, Vitamin therapy, and natural medicines

Associated Centres:  Ahmedabad, Surat, ONLY FOR CONSULTATION

Location : Vadodara, Gujarat, India 

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What is Stem Cell Anti Aging, how our cells age?

Aging is a complex, natural process; the effect of environmental factors, genetics, and routine wear and tear on the bodies eventually takes a toll in a multitude of different ways. It is this result of living life that can bring unavoidable health problems. Over time, the cells of the body age as we do, resulting in their inability to replicate; they become damaged and die. The loss of efficient cell replication is what causes our bodies to age.

The signs of aging are:

  • Poor concentration
  • Loss of memory
  • Loss of energy
  • General fatigue
  • Tiredness
  • Wrinkles
  • General aches and pains
  • Loss of hair
  • Loss of skin texture
  • Insomnia
  • Mood swings

How stem cell therapy reduces inflammation, at a cellular level?

Mesenchymal stem cells can influence the processes of white blood cells. A macrophage is a large white blood cell that is an integral part of our immune system. Macrophages are a type of blood cell that removes infectious agents and dead cells from the blood that can create inflammation (M1) and reduce inflammation (M2). 

M1 macrophages are associated with accelerated aging, and M2 macrophages are associated with anti-aging. Mesenchymal stem cells shift M1 macrophages to M2. They are, therefore, giving the human body more tools to combat the natural aging process by significantly reducing inflammation.

Stem cells can maintain mitochondrial health

Cord tissue-derived mesenchymal stem cells also maintain mitochondrial health (the powerhouse of the cell) by intercellular communication through tunnelling nanotubes. This system senses the mitochondrial status of patient’s cells and physically transfers mitochondria from stem cells to unhealthy cells.

The Cost of Stem Cell Therapy for Anti-Aging in India

Stem Cell Therapy for Anti-Aging cost in India $9,300 approximately. Our table below shows the costs in India compared to other countries.


Procedure Included Anti-Aging Stem Cell Therapy Cost

India, Asia

Stem cell therapy+integrative+ozone therapy  $9,300


Only stem cell $15,900

United Kingdom

Only stem cell $14,800


Only stem cell $18,900

Note: Price can change and vary depends on complexity of procedures and patient conditions. Click contact us button below to get in touch with our customer representative:


Factors which may affect the cost:

  • Pattern of inheritance and other medical conditions
  • Severity of diseases and other comorbidities.
  • Extra treatment offered for other conditions.

Benefits of Anti Aging Stem Cell Therapy

  • Reduction of wrinkles, age spots and fine lines
  • Reduction of fat tissue
  • Enhanced mass muscle, agility and body movement
  • Feeling of well-being
  • Higher energy levels
  • Mineralization of the bones
  • A feeling of vitality and rejuvenation 
  • Improved capacity for physical activities
  • Thickening and improved quality of hair
  • Increased libido
  • A decrease in pain
  • Increased strength, balance & overall mobility
  • Enhanced immunity 
  • Overall improvement in the quality of life
  • Immune system regulation

Regenerative Medicine Advantages:

  • Significant improvement in diabetes and overall health.
  • Chances of total reversal of the condition.
  • Patient can experience normalization of hematological and immunological indices, reducing of manifestation of macro and micro angiopathy, restoration of working capacity and excellent improvement in QOL
  • After stem cell therapy and other integrative therapy the progression of diseases slows down considerably, the remission period becomes two or even three times longer.
  • Stem cell therapy is a great prevention of diabetes mellitus complications to other parts of the body.
  • Burst of energy , improvement of mental capacity and thinking. The disappearance of depression and anxiety are observed in almost 58% of cases after cell therapy.

SCT for Facial Rejuvenation Package Inclusions:

  • Pre and post physician consultation
  • Customized treatment plan
  • Car service to and fro from Vadodara airport during business hours.

SCT for Facial Rejuvenation Package Exclusions:

  • Airfare
  • Stay or hotel/apartment
  • Meals 
  • Preoperative lab work and medicines

Tests and reports:

  • CBC
  • Vit.D
  • Vit B12
  • Hba1c
  • ECG
  • SGPT
  • Lipid profile
  • Thyroid hormone test
  • G6PD
  • Urine RM
  • Serum creatinine + EGFR 

*Note*: If required after doctors consultation certain tests may be added afterwards.

Length of Stay: 2-4 weeks

*depending upon the severity of disease and various treatments offered.*

Why choose Dr. Pravin Patel Center?

  • Our doctors are highly qualified and experienced in regenerative medicine field.
  • Even after completion of your treatment, overall guidance would be provided to maintain the good results.
  • Natural medicines would help the patient to preserve and enhance the good results of the treatment provided.

Dignity and Recognition:

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