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Tourist Corridor, Mira Vista Office Building. Mira Vista 40 MLS #18-2760, Zona Hotelera, C.P. 23406 San José Del Cabo, B.C.S. Mexico. Chetumal , Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Price Range: $60 - $12000
Specialty: Dentistry
Focus Area: Advanced Cabo Dentistry | Dental Care | Dental Implants | Bridges | Crowns | Endodontics |Smile Makeover | Fillings | Braces | Teeth Whitening | Best dentist in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Advanced Cabo Dentistry Profile Overview

Advanced Cabo Dentistry in Cabo San Lucas,  Mexico

Advanced Cabo Dentistry Offering Complete Solutions for Dental Problems in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico 

Advanced Cabo Dentistry in San Jose Del Cabo is one of the top international clinics that offer Restorative Dentistry and Cosmetic dentistry solutions. Getting restorative dental treatments and dental implantology can cost big money, but patients can save considerably by choosing Advanced Cabo Dentistry in Mexico.

The clinic is run by Dr. H.C. Thomas Koty who is known for his expertise in science for cosmetic and restorative dentistry and he has more than 25 years of experience. He has kept updating his knowledge over the years. His vast knowledge base comprises of international postgraduate education, including Harvard training. he also has written several postgraduate books on the subject of implantology. His clinics have ranked number one multiple times of customer service and satisfaction.

The clinic is fully equipped with the latest equipment and facilities and people can avail the best in class dental services from the experts. The clinic has a full in-house laboratory that is laden with intraoral scanners (reduced chair time),  CAD/CAM technology.   The quality of treatment and professionalism has helped the clinic to expand its boundary. Patients can enjoy world-class facilities while getting the treatment.

Denal Treatments and Services at Advanced Cabo Dentistry

  • Bridges
  • Crowns
  • Endodontics
  • Oral Surgery
  • Periodontology
  • Same-Day Teeth
  • Dental Prosthetics
  • Metal-free Crowns
  • Dental Laser Therapy
  • Gum Disease Treatment
  • Fillings
  • Ceramic Braces
  • Dental Anxiety Management
  • Dental Implants
  • Metal Braces
  • Teeth straightening using orthodontic braces
  • Teeth straightening without braces
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Wisdom Teeth Removal

Why Choose Advanced Cabo Dentistry for Dental Work?

Advanced Cabo Dentistry is a state-of-the-art dental facility located in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. We offer a wide range of dental services, from simple teeth cleanings to complex dental implants. Our highly trained staff is dedicated to providing the highest quality of care to our patients. We use the latest technologies and techniques to ensure that our patients receive the best possible treatment. In addition, we offer competitive prices for our services. We accept most major insurance plans, and we offer financing options for those who need it. For more information about our dental services, or to schedule an appointment, please contact us today. Thank you for choosing Advanced Cabo Dentistry!

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