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Eugin Colombia in Bogota, Colombia Offers High Quality Treatments

Calle 119 # 7-14, 9th floor - Santa Ana Medical Center Bogotá Cundinamarca, Bogota, Colombia
Price Range: $2635 - $10200
Associated Doctors: Dr. José Ignacio Madero Cervera
Specialty: Fertility Treatment, Infertility/IVF
Focus Area: Eugin Colombia | Fertility Treatment | IVF | Artificial Insemination | Egg Donation | Fertility Preservation | Bogota

Eugin Colombia Profile Overview


Eugin Colombia - Best Fertility Treatment Clinic in Colombia

Eugin is one of the leading assisted reproduction clinics located in Bogota, Colombia. The clinic is formed to fulfill a dream of completing the family. Here, the experts find the fertility treatments that best suit the needs of patients. All the treatments provided at the clinic along with their assisted reproductive techniques are endorsed by several quality integrated management systems.

The clinic aims to help all future moms and dads who have come this far after covering the hardest part of the road. The experienced medical team of Eugin believes in accompanying the future moms and dads to the end.

Also, for those who want to be a mother and whose partner is another woman, Eugin clinic can help them. The current legislation on assisted reproduction techniques and the techniques that they have in their clinics allow women who want to be mothers today, and also have different options, depending on the involvement of both in the process.

At Eugin, personal and professional ethics, honesty, and transparency matter the most. They always guarantee the maximum well-being of patients, applying the best-assisted reproduction techniques, backed by scientific rigor and medical excellence.

Treatments and Procedures

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF):

  • IVF own eggs and semen of the couple
  • IVF own eggs and donor semen
  • IVF donor eggs and semen of the couple
  • IVF donor eggs and donor semen
  • IVF ROPA method

Artificial Insemination:

  • Conjugal Artificial Insemination
  • Donor Artificial Insemination


  • Egg and Semen Donation

Fertility Preservation:

  • Preservation of fertility in women
  • Preservation of fertility in men

Other Exams and Procedures:

  • PGT-M
  • PGT-A
  • NIPT
  • Carrier Screening
  • Laparoscopy
  • Histeroscopy 
  • Tubal recanalization
  • Vasectomy reversal
  • Testicular biopsy

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