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Blvd. Benito Juárez 355, Hacienda Floresta del Mar, 22710 Rosarito, B.C., Mexico, Tijuana,Rosarito Beach, Mexico
Price Range: $9500 - 10500
Associated Doctors: Dr. Hector Velasquez, Dr. Victor Ortega,
Specialty: Addiction Treatment
Focus Area: Addiction Treatment Clinic | Rosarito | Mexico | Genesis Ibogaine Clinic | Heroin Addiction | Cocaine Addiction | Alcohol Addiction | Drug Addiction | Ibogaine Therapy | Methadone Addiction | Smoking Addiction

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Addiction Treatment in Rosarito, Mexico by Genesis Ibogaine Clinic

Top Quality Addiction Treatment in Rosarito, Mexico

About Genesis Ibogaine Clinic in Rosarito, Mexico

Genesis Ibogaine Clinic provides best Addiction Treatment in Rosarito, Mexico. Book online now Heroin Addiction, Cocaine Addiction, and Alcohol Addiction at Genesis Ibogaine Clinic. We are a fully licensed Ibogaine Treatment Facility, treatment people for opiate, methamphetamines, cocaine and alcohol.  For the beyond 4 years, we have assisted 700 of our patients recovered from their addiction without additional treatment.

As a leading center for Ibogaine Treatment, we invest heavily in offering the best professional consideration. We are devoted to serving the necessities of our patients every single day. The Genesis Ibogaine Treatment Center offers a completely staffed and authorized, cutting edge medical office. Our comfortable setting will help you in addressing your necessities so you can get improvement you need.

Your capacity to move past your current situation relies upon your intentions. Everyone here has experienced this treatment and realizes the struggle to go through this. We have regard and comprehension of the way you have selected, and we give our all to give empathy instead of sympathy.

We are the only authorized Ibogaine clinic and treatment center in Rosarito Beach, and Baja Mexico. 10 to 12,000 patients have been treated with Ibogaine for addiction interruption around the world. Every individual treatment offers new information into the idea of Ibogaine's ability to address a wide range of levels of recovering.

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Benefits of Addiction Treatment in Rosarito, Mexico by Genesis Ibogaine Clinic

Here are several advantages of selecting Addiction Treatment Clinic in Rosarito, Mexico by Genesis Ibogaine Clinic:

  • Licensed Medical Clinics
  • 7 Day Recovery Process
  • Cost-effective treatments
  • 700 patients in this center recover from their addiction with a 85% long term recovery
  • Free WiFi, Meals, Bedroom Comforts, Jacuzzi and many more

List of Treatments at Genesis Ibogaine Clinic in Rosarito, Mexico

Check below information about list of treatments for Addiction Treatment in Rosarito, Mexico by Genesis Ibogaine Clinic:

Ibogaine for heroin treatment is a type of recovering procedure which is totally comprehensive as well as safe and viable. As the best heroin drug recovery, we have effectively mended uncountable patients and an alternative treatment for heroin addiction conveyed by us will remove you from any addiction, guiltiness and excruciating.

Ibogaine takes out both the physical and mental addiction that keeps meth addicts in their chains of addiction. Ibogaine assists with taking out actual withdrawal side-effects like the sweats, bothersome skin, shakes, and jerks that meth clients experience when the medication has worn off.

A cocaine recovery is an important aspect that can't be dismissed yet is equally critical to recall that treatment of cocaine addiction is anything but a simple interaction, utilizing the all encompassing methodologies "Genesis Ibogaine Center" has assisted uncountable patients.

Alcohol addiction should be considered as serious plague. The WHO (World Health Organization) assesses that there are 140 million individuals experiencing alcohol addiction around the world. Ibogaine has been displayed to have roughly a 85% pace of progress for alcohol misuse.

Cost of Addiction Treatment in Rosarito, Mexico by Genesis Ibogaine Clinic

Addiction Treatment in Rosarito, Mexico by Genesis Ibogaine Clinic provides you with the best service and staff who are very experienced in their fields. Over the years, this clinic has treated patients with various problems and is ready to provide you with the best solution. For information on the Cost of Addiction Treatment in Rosarito, Mexico by Genesis Ibogaine Clinic, please press the following button:

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Addiction Treatment Doctors in Rosarito, Mexico

Check below for more information about Addiction Treatment Doctors in Rosarito, Mexico by Genesis Ibogaine Clinic:

Start Your Consultation for Addiction Treatment in Rosarito, Mexico Today!

Addiction Treatment in Rosarito, Mexico by Genesis Ibogaine Clinic is ready to listen to all the problems you are experiencing and provide the best solutions. Do not hesitate to visit and consult with specialists who are experts in their fields at this center. Please click the button below for more information on Addiction Treatments Packages, or if you have more information:

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