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Mirabel Dermatology and Venereology Clinic in Burgas, Bulgaria Offers High Quality Treatments

Bratya Miladinovi 134, Burgas 8001, Bulgaria
Specialty: Anti Aging, Cancer Treatment, Skin Care
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Mirabel Dermatology and Venereology Clinic Profile Overview

Mirabel Dermatology and Venereology Clinic

Mirabel Dermatology and Aesthetic Clinic in Burgas, Bulgaria

MIRABEL clinic for Aesthetic, Clinical Dermatology and Venereology in Burgas, Bulgaria was established as a modern dermatological institution. It was founded by Dr. Nedyalko Dragolov in June 2005 with the idea to present to citizens modern, innovative solutions in the treatment of skin and venereal diseases, skillfully combining the classic basic achievements of the specialty with the latest high-tech technologies in the field. of aesthetic medicine, medical cosmetics, and spa procedures.

Dr. Nedialko Dragolov was born in the town. Burgas. He graduated with honors from the Medical University of Varna in 1990. In 1991. enrolled as a military officer in the Bulgarian army doctor. During his service specializes Dermato-Venereology at the Military Medical Academy - Skin Clinic under Major General prof. Stoyan Tonev. Specialist in the skin and venereal diseases in 1995. Since 1996. work in the Military Hospital Burgas, where up to head office dermatology unit and dismissed in 2001. rank - major. Military service enables contact with leading experts in medicine and using innovative technologies. In 2004g.zavarshva master's degree in health management and concluded that it is time to apply what they have learned in the years for the benefit of their fellow citizens in their own hospital. This determines the creation of "MIRABEL."

The clinic is located in its own ground floor area of ​​140 m2 in close proximity to DCC "St. Georgi Pobedonosets ”(former Military Hospital) and Private Polyclinic“ Burgas ”, which has the most modern clinical laboratory in the city, which suggests, if necessary, the possibility for full and thorough research in collaboration with the two medical structures. The clinic has two pharmacies - pharmacy "MIRABEL 1", located in the yard of DCC "St. Georgi Pobedonosets ”and “ MIRABEL 2 ”pharmacy - under the“ Burgas ”polyclinic, which implies a complete closed cycle of servicing our clients.

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