Bergedent Esthetic Dentistry and Implantology

Bergedent Esthetic Dentistry and Implantology

Istanbul, Turkey

Ayazaga mah Kemerburgaz cad Vadistanbul Park 7-B blok da 5, D:Kat 1, 34485 Sariyer / Istanbul

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Best Dental Clinic in Istanbul, Turkey

Bergedent Esthetic Dentistry & Implantology - Best Dental Clinic in Istanbul, Turkey

BergeDent Clinic is in European and American standards in terms of both application subjects and materials and application techniques in aesthetic dentistry and implantology, and they continue to be one of the leading clinics in Turkey in many subjects.

Treatment and Procedures:

Dental Implant:

It is the best known and most modern oral treatment method that can be used as an alternative to natural teeth in the treatment of tooth deficiencies. Implants are titanium tooth roots that are applied to replace tooth tissue lost for any reason such as caries or trauma. It is the best known and most modern mouth treatment method that can be used as an alternative to natural teeth in the dental procedure of tooth deficiencies.

Porcelain Laminates:

With porcelain laminates, we can change the color, shape and length of the teeth as we wish. In addition, we offer more permanent and more natural solutions to the problems of our female patients, such as tissue loss, sagging and thinning over time, on the lips and around the lips and cheeks, with porcelain laminate applications.

Digital Smile Design:

Smile design, as the name suggests, is a personalized design. Studies such as color selection, model work, aesthetic plan, gingival aesthetics are done individually. Thanks to these works, a real artistic work emerges and the person's smile becomes special to him. Our most important assistant in these studies is digital planning. The digital planning work starts with the photo shoot and all the records of the person are transferred to the computer.

Zirconium Ceramic Crown and Bridges:

Nowadays, metal-supported porcelains, which have been used for many years in crown coating of teeth, are now being replaced by zirconium-based porcelains. Zirconium coatings provide a much more aesthetic appearance than old metal coating applications, thanks to their ability to transmit light. In addition, zirconium crowns are very compatible with the gums. Unlike metal-supported veneers, they do not cause any disease or allergic problem in the gums and bad breath.

Zirconium-based porcelains are both natural and aesthetic enough to be used on anterior teeth and resistant enough to be used on posterior teeth. Therefore, zirconium-based porcelains can be safely preferred for anterior and posterior teeth. Since there is no metal reflection underneath, the artificial image seen in porcelain with metal infrastructure does not occur.

Tooth Whitening:

It is a whitening process that is made by putting carbamide-peroxide-based gels into plastic mouthpieces prepared specifically for the person with a simple measure taken from the mouth and that the person can easily apply at home. Desired bleaching can be achieved in an average of 5-7 days. It is a simple and painless procedure that can be performed within 1 hour in the dentist's office. In this bleaching method, a high concentration of bleaching agent is used. In this way, the color of the teeth can be opened very quickly, often in a single session. Their high concentration does not harm the teeth at all.


Orthodontic Treatment of Plaque - Invisalign:

Invisalign is a form of orthodontic treatment that is used to move teeth without braces. It is the process of bringing the teeth to their required position with a transparent apparatus applied. The transparent material is used instead of braces to eliminate the deformities of the teeth. The correctors are modeled exactly in accordance with your tooth structure with the help of 3D special computerized systems.

Laser Applications:

Although it has been talked about more recently, laser is a method that we have been using in all areas of dentistry since about 2002 in my clinic, from all surgical applications to treatment and root canal treatments, from gingival operations to aesthetic applications. Dt.Tunç Berge, by completing his master's degree in Laser Dentistry at Genova University between 2013-2014, applies the superior features of Laser in   Dentistry, which cannot be explained in a few lines, to his patients more effectively. It is possible to talk about different laser systems used in both soft tissues and hard tissues.

Although it is an expensive investment, it has become inevitable to be used for clinics where aesthetic dentistry applications can be made. It has great advantages in terms of rapid and bloodless applications, the results can be seen immediately, the recovery is very fast, it is painless and comfortable, it also makes the environment sterile during the operation and eliminates the post-operative problems.


Veneers will transform your smile by creating a perfect, uniform and aesthetically pleasing smile, bonding individual veneers to your teeth.

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