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Fertility Treatment in Mexicali, Mexico

About DR CIGÜEÑA Fertility Center - Best Reproductive Medicine Clinic in Mexicali, Mexico

DR CIGÜEÑA Fertility Center is located in Mexicali, Mexico. The medical team of specialists offers the best option in assisted reproduction treatments for those who wish to conceive and have had difficulty achieving it. Highly qualified professionals, facilities, cutting-edge technology, a patient-centered approach, quality service and excellent medical attention are waiting for you at DR CIGÜEÑA Fertility Center.

DR. CIGÜEÑA offers a variety of treatments to solve infertility problems, such as Artificial Insemination or In Vitro Fertilization, using highly innovative techniques like Sperm Microinjection and Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis. The doctors are Specialists in the Biology of Human Reproduction and infertility experts. The clinic has its own laboratory equipped with the most advanced technology that allows competitive prices and all procedures to carry out locally,

The compassionate medical team at Dr. Ciguena clinic helps local and international parents navigate the uncertainty with support, trust and expert fertility treatments. Therefore, patients can make the best financial decision for their family since the costs are a fraction of those you would have in your home country.

You will feel safe and comfortable during the treatment at Dr. Ciguena because the clinic has undergone registration with The Federal Commission for Protection against Health Risks or COFEPRIS.

  • Clinic Name: DR CIGÜEÑA Fertility Center 

  • Procedure: Reproductive Medicine, IVF Treatment, Gynecology Treatment

  • Location: Mexicali, Mexico

  • Doctors: Dr. Francisco Estrada Garwood, Dr. Jerson A. Mendoza Celaya, and others

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Advantages of Choosing DR CIGÜEÑA  for Fertility Treatment in Mexicali

If you choose Dr. Ciguena clinic for your infertility treatment, you will have the following benefits:

  • Affordable IVF treatment

  • Advanced technology and equipment

  • The high success rate of fertility treatment

  • Highly skilled doctors and nurses

  • Comfortable stay in a friendly environment

  • Recover in beautiful Mexicali after the treatment

List of Reproductive Therapy Procedures at DR CIGÜEÑA Fertility Center in Mexico

DR. CIGÜEÑA provides a wide range of gynecological services to take care of you and your future baby, such as:

Cost of Fertility Therapy at DR CIGÜEÑA in Mexicali

Thousands of American and Canadian patients go to Mexicali for affordable fertility treatment, vaginal rejuvenation, IVF therapy, egg donation, and other reproductive and gynecology procedures. If you want to know the latest prices for your fertility care at DR CIGÜEÑA Center, you can get more details from the clinic directly or by contacting our Customer Care Team.

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Best Fertility Doctors at DR CIGÜEÑA in Mexicali​

Medical specialists at Dr. Ciguena clinic have a high education level that supports their skills and knowledge. They have performed many IVF procedures and Fertility Treatments.

These doctors will help you and your partner fulfill your dream of having a family:

1. Dr. Francisco Estrada Garwood

  • Medical Director

  • Obstetrician Gynecologist 

  • Specialist in Biology of Human Reproduction

2. Dr. Jerson A. Mendoza Celaya

  • Obstetrician Gynecologist 

  • Specialist in Biology of Human Reproduction 

  • Specialist in Contraception and Menopause

3. Dra. Mariana Minjarez Corral

  • Obstetrician Gynecologist 

  • Specialist in Maternal Fetal Medicine

4. Dr. Alejandro Arellano Borja

  • Obstetrician Gynecologist 

  • Specialist in Biology of Human Reproduction Specialist in Gynecological Surgery

5. Dra. Katherine Feijóo Oyola

  • Obstetrician Gynecologist 

  • Specialist in Biology of Human Reproduction Specialist in Clinical Andrology

Book Your Consultation for Fertility Treatment in Mexicali at DR CIGÜEÑA Fertility Center

If you need affordable, effective IVF treatment or other gynecology procedures, you can get them at the DR CIGÜEÑA Fertility Center in Mexicali. The medical team provides innovative solutions to help you achieve your dreams of being a parent. You can easily book a consultation with a professional fertility doctor in Mexicali. Contact us today for more information!

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    Excellent attention very attentive and very friendly at all times and very professional.

  • Silvia H

    Excellent service, and they respect the appointment schedule very well.

  • Efrain R

    Very professional staff and they have a laboratory, with them you do not fight and they solve you and explain exactly what problem there is.


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