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South Seas Pharmaceuticals

South Seas Pharmaceuticals

Panama City, Panama

P.O. Box 0816-00243

Focus Area: Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery | Cosmetic Dentistry | Orthopedic | Obesity | Gastric Surgery | Executive Health Check | LASIK | Medical Spa Treatment

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Do you want to feel young, sexier, with more confidence, energy and vitality?

Does the idea of a private, affordable and full-service surgery holiday appeal to you, but you are not sure what hospitals or surgeons to use?

What you thought was only a dream is now possible with Medical Tourism brought to you by South Seas Pharmaceuticals in Panama.

You can achieve your dreams through affordable, quality plastic surgery packages, with the follow-up care and service to ensure complete recovery and a luxury holiday to rest and rejuvenate.


We are Hospital Punta Pacifica, Affiliated with Johns Hopkins Medicine International. We are the only facility in the Latin American and Caribbean region to be affiliated with Johns Hopkins Medicine International. This fact alone can instill great confidence as you seek a provider for your medical needs.

At Hospital Punta Pacifica, Affiliated with Johns Hopkins Medicine International, you will be treated by outstanding surgeons and staff. Many of the doctors and surgeons here are American trained and almost all are English speaking. This new hospital facility is state of the art and located in the most prestigious part of Panama City.

At Hospital Punta Pacifica, Affiliated with Johns Hopkins Medicine International, you will not only find surgical excellence equal to that of the States but affordable health solutions as well. In addition, your recovery time can be spent enjoying the incredible beauty of Panama, making your journey not only beneficial to your body, but to your mind and spirit as well.


Cosmetic Surgery

If you are looking to enhance your image strictly for aesthetics, you might want to consider, liposuction, calf implants, or butt augmentation. The type of cosmetic surgery you choose might give you a boost in self-confidence! With beautiful aesthetic outcomes. If you have been considering plastic surgery at a price you never dreamed of, where here to help you with every thing you need, whether you are looking for a tummy tuck, rhinoplasty, liposuction or breast enlargement or breast enhancement.


Our Specialists will provide a complete treatment plan. We offer General and Cosmetic Dentistry, Periodontics (treatment of gum disease, plastic surgery for the gums.), Implant Dentistry, Prosthodontics (replacement of missing teeth by prostheses such as dentures, bridges and dental implants), Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Endodontics (root canal therapy), Children’s Dentistry, Reconstructive (restoration of existing teeth) and Preventive Dentistry.


As health care costs skyrocket, patients in the developed world are looking overseas for medical treatment. Panama is capitalizing on its low costs and highly trained doctors to appeal to these "medical tourists." Even with airfares, the cost of going to Panama for surgery is far cheaper, and the quality of services is often better than that found in the United States and United Kingdom.


The power to sculpt and refine your body is at your fingertips so go ahead take the first step in transforming your look and your self-esteem. You no longer have to look in the mirror at bags, sags, flab and imperfections and just grin and bear it. Everyone has something about themselves that they don't like, whether it's their profile, their body shape or their chest size.


You need to have the best vision possible. You have a vision need and at Hospital Punta Pacifica, Affiliated with Johns Hopkins Medicine International, we consistently strive to meet and exceed your medical needs. This is the reason that we have established our Centers of Excellence. We have searched to find the very best doctors and staff so that you not only receive the finest health care available, but you have the assurance that our expertise meets the high standards of Johns Hopkins Medicine International.

Spa Treatment

While you are with us revitalize your senses and Body. Our mission is to rejuvenate you, focusing on beauty, health and your well-being. Leave your daily stress behind and relax yourself with a visit to our Spa. We offer our clients different types of treatments. With a vast array of personal or couples treatments, offering luxurious details found only in the best spas of the world.

Dry sauna, steam bath with mud-pack room, facial treatments, and our beauty salon are only a few of the highlights at our Panama Spas, offering a level of privacy meant to impress even the most well-heeled traveler. In Panama we guarantee the ultimate in relaxation for your mind, body and spirit.


General Surgery
Dr. Rolando A. Bissot, Medical Director of HPP

Dr. Bissot, an American trained General Surgeon, is a surgical laparoscopy and obesity surgery specialist. He performs gastrointestinal and laparoscopic surgery, small intestine, colon and rectal surgery, oncologic surgery, breast surgery, benign and malignant thyroid surgery and bariatric surgery.

Dr. Bissot held several key positions including, Medical Director of the Susana Jones de Cano Hospital at Villa Lucre in Panama, Chief of Education at the Caja del Seguro Social in Panama, Chief of Residents of the Surgery Department of the Doctor Arnulfo Arias Madrid Metropolitan Hospital Complex, among others.

Dr. Bissot achieved broad education and training from respected international medical schools such as Faculty of Medicine of the University of Panama; American College of Surgeons in San Francisco, California; Congress of the American College of Surgeons in Chicago, Illinois; Harvard Medical School; General Hospital Cancer Center in Boston, Massachusetts; American College of Surgeons, Orlando, Florida; among others.

Surgical Oncology & Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Dr. Michael Chen
Dr. Chen is a surgical oncology and plastic & reconstructive surgery specialist. He has worked at Instituto Oncológico Nacional and Hospital San Fernando. His education and training include renowned institutions such as Universidad de Panamá, Jackson Memorial Hospital, Booth Hall Children Hospital, Weston Park H. Sheffield, Metropolitano de la CSS, to name a few.

Dental Surgeon
Dr. Maria Gabriela Lescure

Dr. Lescure has over 16 years of successful experience in the private practice of the Esthetic and Restoration Dentistry and “DentiClub” in Panama city. Dr. Lescure specializes in general practice, Prostodontic, Endodontic, Aesthetic, and Dental Surgery. She has latest training and certifications in dental implants, bleaching, impression techniques of Protesic Dentistry, Aesthetic, Direct and Indirect fillings with Nanoparticles Resins, Dental Cavities prevention and Disease Diagnostic.

Laser Skin Treatment
Dr. Agueda T De Pedreschi

Dr. Pedreschi has over 30 years of experience in providing high quality Laser Skin treatments.  He has extensive medical education and experience from reputed institutions such as National University of Panama to international post graduate experience from Tulane Medical Center; Laser Solutions, FL; Advanced Laser Center, Chicago; and Laser Treatments in Paris, France. 

Currently he is Director in Dermaglide Laser Center in Panama.  He specializes in Laser hair removal, Acne laser treatments, Scars Laser Treatments, Laser rejuvenation non ablative and Ablative, BTX, Permanent make up, Facials, and Fillers.

Professional Association Membership includes:
   PAMWA: Panamarican Medical Woman Association since 1972.
   Panmanian Anrsthesiologists Association since 1979.
   Panmanian Medical Woman association since 1972.
   ASLMS: Fellow of American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery since 2001.


Panama, a country where the concept of exotic begins in its name, which means "abundance of fish and butterflies" in our indigenous language. Come to where the sun, adventure, mystery, and opportunities (business or leisure) are also abundant.

Come and get to know our country, better known as “The Bridge of the World”, where modern cities meet with nature's beauty and where there's always something new to discover.


City and Canal Tour – Full Day


After being picked up at your hotel, ride through the sites of modern Panama City on your way to the Colonial City or "Casco Antiguo". Built in 1673, the Colonial City has Spanish architecture. Driving through the stretched streets, plazas and public parks that still conserve part of our history, you will experience the flavor of our heritage. See France Plaza, Las Bovedas, San Jose Church (with its wonderful gold altar), the Flat Arch, and Cathedral Church.


Also see where the French workers (lead by Ferdinand de Lesseps who initiated the project of the Panama Canal) had their homes some built in the French architectural style.


The Panama Canal Inter-oceanic Museum is located here as well as the Palacio de las Garzas, the President of Panama´s official office. You will ride to the enchanted Balboa area (a residential area of the former Panama Canal Zone) now reverted to Panama. Admire the Panama Canal Administration Building on a hill and then head to Miraflores Locks where we will have the chance to see the vessels while transit the locks.


Includes a visit to the new Visitor´s Center to see canal related memorabilia and to watch the Panama Canal Commission Audiovisual presentation that explains the operation of this important Inter-oceanic waterway.


Finally we will take you to the Amador Causeway, a man made connection of three islands, with an strong tourist development and from where you will have a breathtaking view of the city. There will also be time to purchase in Albrook Mall   (THE BEST MALL IN LATINOAMERICA)


Panama Canal Partial Transit


The Partial Canal Transit from Balboa or Gamboa takes place every Saturday. This tour gives you the opportunity to travel through one set of Locks. The ship departs from Balboa and goes right into the Miraflores Locks, where it is raised up to 54 feet in a two-step process. This is achieved by sending water from Pedro Miguels lake by gravity to fill the chambers where the ship is locked. Once the process is finished, the ship is in Pedro Miguels Lake.


At Gamboa you are then transferred to a bus to return to Balboa approximately at 12:30 p.m. The other version of the partial transit departs Flamenco by bus to Gamboa to take the boat that will travel the locks lowering it from the lake to the ocean taking you back to the Flamenco pier.


Transportation will be waiting for transfer to Hotels. The tour includes breakfast or sandwiches. Also, some Fridays a night trip is possible from Flamenco to Gamboa by boat, returning by bus to Flamenco. No trips are scheduled for Christmas or New Year.


Tour departs at 7:00AM (FROM BALBOA) or 10:00AM (FROM FLAMENCO)


Ecotour: El Valle – Indian Market


El Valle de Anton is one of the most colorful areas of Panamanian inland towns, and is located two hours away from the Capital City in the province of Cocle and at 600 meters above sea level.


Geologists have concluded that El Valle is the crater of an inactive volcano, probably the largest of Central America. The pleasant weather in the area invites the visitor to experience its attractions.


On Sundays, the tour will take you to the Indian market where local artisans and Indians living around it bring their handicrafts, plants and vegetables products to sell them. There, you can find fine and wonderful hand-made woodcarvings, soapstone sculptures, seashell souvenirs, leather goodies and much more. Then, visit the Chorro del Macho, a waterfall that is within a nature-protected private area.


Later, visit the Indian petroglyphs, where ancient inhabitants left their messages, still a mystery for our modern culture. Also, admire the India Dormida Mountain. Its name is due to it resemblance to a sleeping Indian woman. Finally, visit El Nispero, a Zoo where people takes care of some of the endemic species after they were found injured in the forest. This zoo also has a unique collection of orchids. Here, you will admire the golden frogs and the squared trees, both endangered species.


Lunch will be served at a local restaurant. Return to Panama late in the afternoon.


This is an outdoor activity in the tropics, light clothes, swimming suit, insect repellent, hat, sunscreen and very comfortable shoes are suggested.


Recommended on Sundays, Two-Person Minimum


GeoTour:  Visit to the Chocoe – Embera Indian Community


The Embera Indigenous group is divided in two smaller groups: Chocoe-Wounaan and Chocoe-Embera. These two groups have exactly the same roots. They originally came from the ancient Great Colombia over 300 years ago, and settled down mainly in the Darien Jungle.


Their behavior is the same: both have the ancestral use of the blowgun with poison darts for hunting purposes, men wear loincloth, their house system is based on (Tambos) elevated-bin houses with palm-leave roofs. They decorate their bodies using a mixture of ashes and plant pigments and they both are master wood carvers and basket weavers.


The only difference between these groups is their language. Although, their communication system is very similar, they do not understand each other. One of the remarkable contrasts of the modern city of Panama is still having an Embera community living as their ancestors, keeping their customs very jealously, in the watershed of the Panama Canal, only 1:30 hrs away, right in Chagres National Park.


This day you leave the Hotel early in the morning in a microbus with a naturalist tour guide to the community of Nuevo Vigia to board a dug-out canoe. Continue in the Alajuela Lake, which is the second largest man-made lake of Panama. Upon arrival, explore the community while our tour guide provides information on this ethnic group.


Admire the famous Taguas, which are small sculptures made from a seed that due to its solid texture has been given the name of vegetal ivory.


The Embera are also unique wood carvers and they specially carve the precious Cocobolo tree wood. They are also fantastic basket weavers, sometimes, they spend several days in just one piece. In short, their handcrafts are real art pieces and they are available for your purchase.


During our visit, the Embera will perform a welcome flute dance. After lunch and rest, return to the river and, if desired, you can swim and enjoy the cool waters of the river. Arrive back around 3:00 p.m.


This is an outdoor activity in the tropics, light clothes, towel, swimsuit, another T-shirt, insect repellent, hat, sunscreen and very comfortable shoes or sandals are suggested.


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