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Obesity is one of the most prevalent causes of multiple diseases and conditions that afflict people in the United States today. Some people who are more than 100 pounds overweight may find it difficult to lose weight through traditional methods and look to weight-loss treatments and surgeries to provide the answer for long-term weight loss.

Obesity and weight loss treatment and surgeries are generally only an option for people who are more than 100 pounds overweight. Most physicians will first suggest a wide variety of treatments such as behavior modification, dieting, and exercise. Sometimes, a doctor will prescribe medications. When these fail, surgery is an option for those who have not responded to such treatments and who are severely obese.

Bariatric Surgery at Argentina Obesity Center
Bariatric Surgery is a catchall phrase for several different types of weight loss procedures and surgeries. Candidates for any type of bariatric weight-loss surgery should not expect it to work miracles, as patients are expected to engage and maintain strict eating habits, as well as developing new lifestyle habits and behaviors.

Treatments Offered:
  • Gastric Bypass in Y DE ROUX
  • Adjustable Gastric Band
  • Gastrectomy in Sleeve
Gastric Bypass surgery for obesity is a procedure that results in dividing the stomach to create a small pouch that is directly attached to the small intestine. This pouch can only hold 1 ounce of food, though it may stretch in time to allow a person to eat about a cup of food at a time.  This type of procedure is considered the most drastic, although it contains the highest success rate with patients losing between 60 and 70% of excess body weight within a year.

Weight-loss treatments and obesity surgeries and procedures at Argentina Obesity Center are designed to reduce illness and death caused by obesity. For many, weight loss at Argentina Obesity Center improves multiple conditions including high blood cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, and coronary artery disease. In addition, other body systems, including digestive, endocrine, and immune system benefit.

However, such procedures however require dedication and determination for those who undergo such procedures to maintain permanent lifestyle changes. After surgery, patients who follow instructions may enjoy as much as a 60% weight loss, improving health problems as an added benefit.

Bariatric Surgeons at Argentina Obesity Center
Bariatric surgeons at Argentina Obesity Center are highly trained and belong to a surgical and medical doctor association for bariatric and weight loss surgery.
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We are fully equipped to perform the following,

Gastric Bypass in Y DE ROUX:
It is considered to be at present the chosen surgery to achieve the reduction of weight.

This surgery consists of the creation of a smaller stomach and the accomplishment of a bridge (bypass) in the first portion of the small intestine (Duodenum – Yeyuno), connecting the “new” stomach with the small intestine postrerior to the bypass. The combination of these two mechanisms (restriction and evil absorption) achieves a suitable and progressive decrease of weight. The loss of the overweight is of approximately 80% in 3 years.

The gastric bypass is completely performed by means of laparoscopic technique, existing some cases in which it has to be turned into the conventional surgery, for opened route. It is necessary to clarify that the used surgical technique is the same for any two routes.

Adjustable Gastric Band:
This technique consists of the placement of a device (band) on the top part of the stomach immediately below the esophagogastric junction, joined across a connector  pipe to a reservoir that is located under the skin, by the means of which it is possible to fit or discharge the band.

The weight decrease is achieved across the restriction in the ingestion of show restraint, because the “new” stomach that stays overhead of the band happens to have a capacityfrom 30 to 55 cc. The loss of the overweight is of approximately 65% in 3 years. This technique can also be performed by laparoscopic method, being of minor complexity that the gastric bypass.

Gastrectomy in Sleeve:
The Gastrectomy in Sleeve is a restrictive procedure that consists of the reduction of the gastric capacity by the vertical section of the stomach up to turning it practically into a pipe of scanty diameter. The stomach that stays malfunctioning is withdrawn from the abdomen.

This surgery is in use as the first in patients of high risk which after the decrease of initial weight was similar to the bypass so the second part was not needed.

Since this technique has only a few years of appearance, a long-term follow-up is necessary to know the definitive results.

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