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Get Medical Tourism Services now in South Africa in Serokolo

, Johannesburg, South Africa
Specialty: Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery, Dentistry, Fertility Treatment, Heart Care/Surgery, Orthopedic/Knee Surgery, Rehabilitation, Sports Medicine
Focus Area: Cosmetic Surgery | Dentistry | Fertility Treatment | Heart Care | Orthopedic Treatment | Rehabilitation | Sports Medicine

Serokolo Health Tourism (Pty) Ltd New Profile Overview

Welcome to Serokolo Health Tourism!!!

Serokolo Health Tourism (Pty) Ltd (Serokolo), a leader in medical tourism services based in Johannesburg, South Africa ; home to the worlds first heart transplant, is a health services company with the key focus on health and medical tourism (healthcare outsourcing) and health management.

The company also offers medical spa treatment in South Africa at centres in Gauteng, Kwazulu-Natal and the Western Cape.

Founded in April 2004, Serokolo Health Tourism is managed by Dr. Tshepo Maaka, a vibrant and highly trained and seasoned medical practitioner whose experience spans a vast number of services across the medical profession.

Why choose Serokolo Health Tourism as your service provider?
The difference in our service neither lies in the type of health care we offer, nor does it lie in the highly qualified and experienced suppliers we engage with all the time and our systematic consistency and high level of overall professionalism. Our difference lies in the fundamental understanding that our clients are individuals, not just patients or medical cases. And indeed everything about our clients will always be kept in the strictest confidence. We see it as the difference between treating you rightly and treating you well.

  • Our clients are first medical patients before they are tourists
  • Medical ethics and confidentiality are upheld at all times
  • Our clients' first point of contact is with a qualified doctor who is intricately involved with overseeing the whole medical treatment process.
  • We walk the client through the process of medical tourism step by step
  • We provide an exhaustive list of procedures available in South Africa
  • We offer holistic and comprehensive services
  • You will receive one account which will be all inclusive of the medical services received through Serokolo
  • You will receive preferential rates which have been negotiated with our service providers;
  • Our clients are regularly visited by our staff while in hospital and we provide translators for ease of communication;
  • Accommodation for recuperation is tailor-made to ensure that progress for recuperation is not interfered with;
  • Medical costs are communicated to our clients on a regular basis

Our Clients Can Have Access to:

  • Cardiology - diseases of the heart
  • Dentistry - diseases of the teeth
  • Dermatology - diseases of the skin
  • Endoscopic Surgery - minimally invasive surgery
  • ENT Surgery (Otorhinolaryngology) - Ear, nose and throat surgery
  • Gastroenterology - diseases of the gut
  • General Surgery - for abdominal surgery
  • Haematology - diseases of the blood
  • HIV/AIDS management - treatment of HIV/AIDS
  • Indiometriosis institute
  • Interventional Radiology - diagnosis and management using X-rays
  • Maxillofacial and Oral Surgery - surgery of the bones of the face and mouth
  • Neurology - diseases of the brain and spinal cord
  • Neurosurgery - surgery of the brain and spinal cord
  • Nuclear Medicine - detection and treatment of diseases using X-rays and radiation therapy
  • Obstetrics and Gynaecology - for diseases of women and child birth
  • Oncology - for cancer
  • Orthopaedic Surgery - surgery for bones
  • And Alot more......

We offer our services through the following specialized clinics:

  • Cosmetic surgery
  • Fertility treatment Clinic
  • Headache Clinic
  • Orthopaedic Centre
  • Cardiac Clinics
  • Sleep Apnoea Clinic
  • Breastcare Centre
  • Burns Unit
  • Stroke Clinic
  • Epilepsy Monitoring Clinic
  • Chest Pain Centre of Excellence
  • Rehabilitative Biokinetics Unit
  • Dental Clinic
  • Sports Clinic

We offer age and specific health screening which ensures that our clients receive the appropriate comprehensive medical check-up.

Our specialists are:

  • Carefully selected according to their expertise and level of professionalism
  • Housed by accredited private hospitals
  • Members of the South African Medical Association

South African doctors and specialists are world renowned; some have membership to international bodies and are even poached to work in other countries due to their high standards of training in both medical theory and medical practice.

Our Health packages are more than just a routine visit to the doctor, they are taken as a health retreat/health tour and are customized to suit the need of individuals or groups in both the private and public sectors.

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Serokolo Health Tourism (Pty) Ltd New, Johannesburg, South Africa Profile Details

Serokolo Health Services
We offer the following medical and health services for clients:

  • Medical visa applications
  • Basic initial medical screening
  • Global medical quotations
  • Personalized client liaison by qualified medical personnel
  • "Hand-holding" - Door to door convenient services including transport
  • Accommodation before and following medical/ surgical treatment to allow for reputation
  • Post-op care
  • Recuperative tours within South Africa
  • Collation of medical account and case management

Medical Tourism

  • Aeromedical evacuation services from host country to South Africa
  • Securing specialist appointment and hospital admission
  • Daily hospital visits 
  • Comprehensive medical reports
  • Medical Tours for medical practitioners

Health Tourism

  • Executive health and medical screening
  • Expert health advise and management
  • Health retreats and incentive health packages
  • Relaxing and revitalizing body therapies at health spas
  • Preventative Medicine
  • Health promotion

Medical Events Management

  • On-site primary health care and emergency medical services
  • Medical escorts

Medical Tourism Consulting Services

  • Developing and implementing medical tourism concepts

Step by Step Process

  • Complete the online form and submit medical questions
  • Review of medical procedure and requirements
  • Provision of a global quotation and invoice
  • Submit comprehensive medical records
  • Review of medical records
  • Submit Visa documents
  • Finalise travel arrangements
  • Pre-travel consultation with local doctor
  • Travel to South Africa
  • Pick up from the airport and transfer to accommodation/hospital.
  • Pre-surgical / medical procedure assessment
  • Medical or surgical procedure
  • Post-treatment recuperation
  • Medical reports compilation
  • Feedback session in South Africa
  • End of stay in South Africa
  • Telephonic or email feedback session back at host country

Serokolo Health Service Providers and Partners
Serokolo Health Tourism has medical service providers, which are hospitals and medical centres where our specialists are operating from. Our service providers have expertise in different medical specialties and hence the wide spectrum that Serokolo can offer its clients. We have service providers in both Gauteng (Johannesburg) and the Western Cape (Cape Town), in the world acclaimed private and academic institutions.

Our partners:


South Africa has a very low infection rate in hospitals and has clinical outcomes which are comparable or even surpass the developed world (commisioned by Discovery health study). The Hospital Association of South Africa (HASA) represents the interests of more than 90% of private hospitals in South Africa of which Serokolo partners belong too.

We accomoodate all our clients in 3 star, 4 star, and 5 star guest houses according to our clients choices.

Health Spas
We encourage all our patients to visit heath spas during their medical tour to recuperate and revitalise. Click here to view our medical spa's.

The transportation of our medical tourists is provided by in-house qualified chauffeurs to ensure peace of mind.

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Serokolo Health Tourism (Pty) Ltd New Certificates, Accreditations, Qualifications

Managing Director's Profile

Dr. Tshepo Maaka
Serokolo Health Tourism is founded by Dr. Tshepo Maaka, a vibrant and highly trained and seasoned medical practitioner whose experience spans a vast number of services across the medical profession.

Dr. Tshepo Maaka obtained her undergraduate training from the University of Witwatersrand (Wits) in Johannesburg and graduated as a medical doctor in 1994. Dr. Maaka’s formal training includes anaesthesiology, the provision of health services, HIV management and Public Health Management.

Dr. Tshepo P. Maaka is a member of Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA), The Medical Society of South Africa (SAMA) and the South African HIV Clinicians' Society.

Her aim is to provide integrated healthcare services through innovative, client-specific and goal-oriented solutions, a feat she has already begun to achieve considering her inimitable hands-on experience. 


Dr. Nganwa
Dr. Nganwa joined Serokolo Health Tourism in August 2008 as the Medical Director. He obtained his MBChB at the University of Transkei (now Walter Sisulu University) in 1999. He has worked in all the major disciplines in the medical field, focusing mainly on Surgery and Urology. He brings eight years of medical experience to Serokolo Health Tourism and as such he is conversant with the medical landscape of South Africa.


Dr. Nganwa's philosophy about healthcare is "a stitch in time saves nine". As such, he stresses the importance of comprehensive and preventive medicine as a means of avoiding the discomfort and cost involved in treatment of medical conditions.

Dr. Nganwa has an interest in developing healthcare systems and preventive medicine awareness in South Africa and Africa as a whole.

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Johannesburg, South Africa Destination Overview

Medical and health tourism is a concept whereby people from all over the world visit other countries for their medical care and health revitalization needs. South Africa is a favourable destination because of its infrastructure, medical technology and affordability. South Africa has some of the best hospitals, specialist treatment centres, health spar's and more. It is also one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Africa.

Serokolo Medical Spa's
Hoogland Health Hydro, is situated in a 400Ha private game reserve 50Km North-West of Johannesburg with facilities including steam bath, sitz bath, sauna, turkish Bath, water jet massage, jacuzzi, heated swimming pools, gym and more. Also they can offer diet advice, guided walks and hikes in the game reserve exercise classes and aquarobics and lectures/relaxation classes most evenings.

The Saxon Spa, has close proximity to Sandton, Johannesburg's prestigious business hub. The Saxon Spa and Studio offers a full range of Spa Treatments, from massages, customised facials, spa manicures and pedicures, to some exclusive treatments, practised by top therapists in their fields to rejuvenate and revitalise the mind, body and soul. The Downstairs Spa offers numerous unisex water facilities, colourenhanced steam room and flotation pool and a lot more.
Ruimsig Country Spa and Guesthouse, is set in the heart of Gauteng with generous landscaped gardens and water falls that welcome you. Glorious outdoor, private double treatments cabanas & heated pool, jacuzzi and a well equipped gym with a personal trainer. The Luxury Spa is fitted with cutting edge, fully imported equipment and a full spectrum of Hydro facilities. Highly qualified somatologists, a nail technicians, hair stylist as well as a clinical psychologist are available.

The Mangwanani Day spa, is located on a private bush farm, and is able to offer a unique spa facility to customers who seek medical spa treatment abroad. There are a number of different treatments to choose from depending on the requirements of the group / individual. Packages include a full facial, full spa body works, full body massage, hand & foot works and head works, jacuzzi, steam cabinet etc.

Stellenbosch Health Hydro, situated near Cape Town, nestling in the tranquillity of the Idas Valley near Stellenbosch, the magical woodlands and crisp air blend to make this one of the most beautiful havens on Earth. It offers varios treatments from skincare treatments to special signature treatments and spa-oceana experiences aswell as additonal treatments such as physiotherapy. Facilities include a SAAHSP & CIDESCO approved skin and bodycare clinic, private swimming pool area, indoor heated swimming and fully supervised gym.

South Africa's Healthcare System:
Is South Africa in a position to offer world class medical services. Here is some evidence:

  • South Africa's private health care system has been ranked fourth in the world in 2004.
  • South Africa has been a pioneer in the medicine fraternity.
  • The world's first heart transplant was performed by a team led by the late Chris Barnhard at Groote
  • Schuur Hospital in Cape Town in 1967;
  • The first CAT (Computerized Axial Tomography)scanner was co-designed by a South African And a British
  • The Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital – the largest hospital in the southern hemisphere – separated the conjoined/Siamese Mathibela twins in 1988 with a dedicated medical team lead by Professor Lipschitz who was invited to India to give a lecture to world leading paediatric surgeons in 1989
  • The Healthcare fraternity is tightly regulated by the HPCSA.
  • Our doctors are well-renowned and most sought after in countries such as Canada, UK and Middle East
  • Our private hospitals have international  ISO and HSQ accreditation
  • Clinical outcomes in our private hospitals are comparable to those In Europe and USA

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