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Aesthetic Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Center Bolivia - SensualBodyDream

Santa Cruz, Bolivia

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Cosmetic Surgery Vacation to exciting Santa Cruz in the Aesthetic Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Center Bolivia - Sensual Body Dream.

Sensual Body Dream is a cosmetic surgery group providing the best plastic surgery experience with top Board Certified plastic surgeons in Santa Cruz –Bolivia- knew as the "The tropical Paradise of South America".

Established since 2001, we have organized private cosmetic surgery abroad for thousands of patients all around the world, including: U.S., United Kingdom, Canada, France, Spain, New Zealand, Italia.

Sensual Body Dream is the best most suitable alternative to Exorbitant U.S. and Europe plastic surgery costs for people who seek high quality medical treatments, controlled sanitary environments and, at the same time, take good care of their savings.

Bolivia has some of the most recognized Cosmetic Surgery professionals in the world, and is becoming in 10 years a growing Medical Tourism destination for plastic surgery specialties.
Our country has a level of excellence in medical care, procedures, treatments and technology which is equal to US and European standards. Combining world class facilities with the natural Bolivian warmth in doctor-patient relations, will create an atmosphere that treats patients with human dignity and respect and not as an insurance case number.

At Sensual Body Dream, we set the standard for superior artistry in all areas of plastic surgery, specializing in breast surgeries, body contouring using liposculpture, tummy tucks and body lifts, buttock implants. We also specialize in cosmetic surgery of the face, emphasizing a natural look after facelift and rhinoplasty.

Thanks to a favorable exchange rate currently in effect in Bolivia (1 US$ = 7 Bolivian pesos), Bolivia can offer low prices when compared to other countries. In Latin America Bolivia is currently the most convenient destination offering the best quality and value for money for cosmetic surgery overseas.
We will help you to achieve your ideal plastic surgery experience by scheduling Bolivia's top board-certified plastic surgeons to perform your surgery. Our goal is to provide you with the most elite surgeons in Bolivia's plastic surgery industry at the most affordable prices.

All our packages are All Inclusive.

They include the following services:

  • Individual Reception at Airport
  • Bilingual Personal Assistant (English, Spanish or French spoken)
  • Transportation to & from all Med-appointments
  • Pre-Surgical Medical Exams
  • Cosmetic Surgery
  • Anesthesiologist
  • Operating Charges
  • Hotel stay (in a 5 or 4 stars hotel) from 10 to 20 days.

Sensual Body Dream is a medical tourism company based on a new breed of companies providing cosmetic surgery for hundreds of people worldwide. We have put many long hours into improving the success of Bolivia's growing trend — which is, people traveling to Santa Cruz to fulfill their cosmetic surgery wishes. We guarantee that our services will provide every comfort to help our clients feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible — one the most critical issues to having a successful, safe and satisfying plastic surgery experience.

Our services
Over the years, we have learned to perfect what we do best — provide a safe, comfortable and pleasurable plastic surgery experience. We have come to realize that careful planning is required in order to provide our clients with top quality care, comfort and professionalism.

Our organization comprises two well defined divisions:
One of them, directed by a highly qualified medical staff who are fully in charge of all surgical and medical areas, hospitalization and post-surgical recovery and cares.

The other, strictly administrative, is in charge of logistics and control to guarantee patients obtain everything needed whilst their permanence with us.

Both divisions are well coordinated among one another to offer a full range of services:

  • Pre-travel medical evaluation.
  • Pre-travel advice on best ways to reach our country and travel hints.
  • Detailed medical instructions to be followed prior to your visit to our country.
  • Arriving and departing assistance and transfers (airport, hotel, clinic)

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Our Private Clinics and Hospitals
We work with private clinics of a high standing and at the forefront of medical services, offering the following advantages:

  • Establishments in line with European / American hygiene standards, combining the most advanced procedures and high tech equipment with individualized treatment.
  • Our clinics must go through rigorous testing of the International Health Department to achieve this standard.
  • Personnel of the medical and ancillary teams who are highly qualified, regularly following continuous training courses.
  • Plastic surgery private clinic with the best technology
  • A warm, cordial and discreet environment.
  • Spacious corridors and bathrooms - wheel chair compatible.
  • Food - Hygienic, high quality - Bolivian and International.
  • Our clinics are 10 minutes from your hotel.
  • As well as the first class service provided and the high tech equipments used, our clinics are also known for the now how of its paramedics and most of all the competence and the commitment of its medical team.
  • As a result, a whole structure has been put in place to ensure the best service provided to all patients.

We take patient's safety and comfort seriously and we are never in a rush to discharge patients quickly as if having an in-line production machine. The longer patients stay with us at the clinic, the lesser complications there are likely to arise. Once patients are taken too early to the hotel, they usually begin overdoing it, moving around too much and generally fail to follow medical instruction strictly. Also being alone causes sadness, loneliness and depression which is no good for recovery purposes.

Our clinics and hospitals will provide you:

  • Room in total comfort with air-conditioned, telephone, and cable TV.
  • Fully equipped operation rooms, pre-anesthesia and post-anesthesia recovery units, with all the services.
  • Intensive therapy units.
  • All kinds of laboratories.
  • The latest technology in image diagnosis.
  • Theatre for septic surgery in casualty area.
  • Modern Anaesthesia machines & monitoring devices.
  • Dedicated Anesthesiologist team.
  • All of the necessary equipment and apparatus to assure the ventilation, asepsis, antisepsis and sterilization of all of the areas, equipment and instruments used in the clinic.
  • A complete medical team to assist the plastic surgeons with solid international medical training, supported by highly-qualified and well trained nursing personnel, and permanent staff willing to offer warm, efficient attention to the patient.
  • All the requirements demanded by the law for the operations; and highest technological equipment such as diagnosis and bioresonance, echography, pantomography for full face x-rays and a full range of state of the art lasers. The independent status of our hospitals means that revenues and profit are ploughed back into new equipment and technology.

An ideal environment for effective healthcare.
All our hospitals are equipped with special areas for cosmetic and plastic surgeries. We never mix healthy patients and patients with infectious diseases. Control of cross-infection is essential in every medical or dental setting but the problems of cross-infection are even more serious in a standard hospital setting. Surgical wound infection is an important class of hospital acquired (cross) infections.

Therefore in a safe setting, healthy cosmetic surgery patients should not be treated in the same operation theatre, cared for by the same health care workers and recover on the same wards as patients with infectious diseases. Our cosmetic surgery patients are always treated in specials operation theatres with different health care workers and recover on different wards as patients with infectious diseases.



  • Pre-surgery consultation, lab tests, cardiovascular evaluation and X rays
  • Cosmetic surgical procedures performed by prestigious board certified Brazilian and Bolivian plastic surgeons.
  • Post surgery check-ups
  • Escort & interpreter services during consultation and post-surgery follow-up
  • Unlimited post-surgery e-mail and phone support after patient returns back home

Full plastic surgery warranty.

  • Our comprehensive aftercare is the best in the business and it's designed to give you maximum peace of mind.
  • Many other companies only offer the level of aftercare provided by Sensual Body Dream as an added extra - meaning the cost to you could be thousands of dollars higher than you're initially quoted.
  • Sensual Body Dream's Aftercare Programme and Surgical Guarantee means that you can feel confident that you'll receive the highest possible standards of care both before and after your treatment with no financial surprises. 

Our Surgeons
Our surgeons are the cosmetic surgeons of choice for national and international models, show buisness personalities and professional sports figures. A virtual who's who, their client list includes cover girls, super models, playboy centerfolds, pro athletes, television celebrities, as well as people just like you. Our surgeons also has the honor and trust of physicians and surgeons who choose to have their cosmetic procedures in Santa Cruz.

All our surgeons have graduated in Brazil and/or the United States, and are all  members of the Bolivian and Brazilian National Order of Doctors, according to their specialization. They keep up to date regularly with the technical surgical innovations in the USA and Europe, in order to give you guarantees similar to those used in your country.

The board-certified surgeons and doctors we have chosen for our company, Sensual Body Dream, have been carefully screened by our consultants, owners, and business colleagues through a highly competitive, rigorous and laborious process. An extensive and lengthy background check was conducted into the history of their medical practice and educational accomplishments, as well as recognized lifetime awards. We have carefully selected top-rated and board certified surgeons based on the information stated above, in addition to the satisfaction of previous patients, the respect and admiration from peers in their profession, and documentation provided by cosmetic surgery boards in Bolivia.
Our Clinics
Our company has chosen a number of clinics in Bolivia, which are similar to the European and American standards in terms of the quality of services , the modern infrastructure, the medical and paramedical personnel who are both competent and helpful.

Accommodations & All Inclusive packages
The accommodations we offer are located in one of the safest and most popular areas in Santa Cruz. You will find world famous restaurants, state-of-the-art shopping centers, 5-star spas, and finally, beautiful and relaxing parks.

Unlike other companies providing a similar service, our prices include everything, all our packages are All Inclusive.
This means, we will provide all your transportation during your stay in Santa Cruz, including: to and from the airport, to your accommodations, all physician appointments, and your surgery(s). Additionally, our fee includes an English-speaking personal assistant that will be with you or on-call at all times, your medication, all surgery(s), accommodations, as well as your nurse.

If additional time is needed to stay in Santa Cruz beyond the recommended time, we do offer that service at a minimum charge. However, patients generally stay the recommended duration because we have already added extra time for a healthy and safe recovery. When choosing Sensual Body Dream for your surgery needs, you will be taken care of from the moment you arrive in Santa Cruz until the moment you leave.
As noted above, you will always be accompanied by an English-speaking guide/nurse/doctor to assist you in any way possible during your stay with Sensual Body Dream.


  • Finally, we cherish confidentiality which is primordial to all our patients.
  • Having a cosmetic surgery is a matter you discuss with only people you choose.
  • Your acquaintances will think that you went on vacations to Bolivia.
  • You will of course get back to your country well rested and in good shape.
  • In fact, nobody would think that your new look is the result of a cosmetic surgery.

For the whole duration of your stay, you can rely on our confidentiality. An aesthetic intervention and pleasant convalescence, in a totally different environment, has the advantage of not arousing the suspicion of your colleagues and of the people who are close to you.
What is more exciting than looking different after a holiday in Bolivia?

Our tariffs

  • Due to partners special prices Sensual Body Dream can offer value for money..
  • Our pricing principles are fundamentally based on total transparency and uniform handling and pricing procedures.
  • Our prices are highly competitive, and are, in no way, the product of the low-cost of medicine. Thanks to the Bolivian government, taxes on imported machinery and materials are lower, and businesses pay lower taxes than they do in the USA and Europe. Salaries and the cost of living are also lower, and the rate of exchange between the Bolivian peso and the US Dollar or Euro is favorable.

Plastic Surgery & Vacations
We often see medical tourism companies selling cosmetic surgeries to people from abroad, portraying their surgery as a "vacation" and generally leaving out the most important aspect of the trip — the surgery!

At Sensual Body Dream, our first concern is the well-being of our patients and their families. Although, it is possible to make a vacation out of your surgery trip, we realize your surgery comes first. Sensual Body Dream will be more than happy to guide you with the vacation of a lifetime; however, our primary goal is to guarantee a safe and healthy surgery and post-surgery recovery. Thus, we strongly recommend that clients clearly understand the whole experience of plastic surgery, including the three primary steps: pre-opt surgery, day of surgery, and post-surgery/recovery period. Understanding these steps are critical to a successful plastic surgery experience.

During the recovery phase, you will experience some mild pain and discomfort — the usual side effects caused by pain medication and anesthesia — and some mild depression. These are all normal human reactions to surgery; however, most companies fail to clearly point this out. In these situations, clients from abroad are expecting a 5-star vacation and not the natural aftermath of a surgery. However, at Sensual Body Dream our primary goals are:

  • To be up-front and honest with our clients.
  • To make all your cosmetic surgery fantasies and wishes come true.

We will take care of you as if you were one of our own family members. We are a family-oriented company with very high standards — your happiness and health are very important to us. Therefore, we make it a priority to provide our clients with every comfort needed for a positive, successful and optimal plastic surgery experience.

You will see other companies providing the services we offer, and in some cases, you may even find prices higher or lower than ours. What is critical for you to understand is that this is your life!

Ask yourself some vital questions before making your decision. Do your research! There are many cosmetic and plastic surgery tourism companies out there, but only a select few will provide services to meet clients 100% satisfaction and comfort through all stages of their plastic surgery experience. Be smart! Thoroughly research and look into each plastic surgery company and make an informed decision.

Friendly assistance
We are totally convinced that a personal friendly assistance in a cordial human warm atmosphere is essential to the success of your intervention and helps make your recovery easier and more comfortable.

Your personal assistant and upon arrival will be available during your stay.
Beyond the high quality surgery, the professional organization and affordable prices you will be cherished like nowhere else.

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The very competing prices that we propose to you are not the fact of a medicine to the reduction. Thanks to a favorable exchange rate currently in effect in Bolivia (1 US$ = 7 Bolivian pesos), Bolivia can offer low prices when compared to other countries. Besides, the encouragement of the Bolivian government for the sector of health by tax exemptions on the importation of equipment and the level of the wages practised in connection with the standard of living explain the variations of tariffs with those practised in the United States, Canada and Europe. In Latin America Bolivia is currently the most convenient destination offering the best quality and value for money for cosmetic surgery overseas.
Services Real Value for your money.
We offer the best value cosmetic surgery overseas, working hard for you to negotiate the best prices with the hospitals and hotels.
Our plastic and cosmetic surgery price policy has one goal: to make high quality plastic surgery available for everybody!

The plastic surgery packages below are All Inclusive Packages, with Sensual Body Dream there is no hidden costs!

All the prices below include the following services:

  • The Surgical Procedure
  • Stay in Clinic
  • from 8 to 13 in a 4***** Hotel (depending on the surgery you will perform)
  • Complete Haematology Tests Analysis before your surgery
  • Anesthetist fees
  • Implants or Prothesis (if any)
  • Pre and Post-operative Consultations
  • Clinical Professional Insurance
  • Professional insurance of surgeon
  • Transportation
    (Individual Reception at Airport + Transportation to and from all Medical appointments)
  • Bilingual Assistant (English, Spanish or French spoken)
  • A Free Consultation at Dental Clinic

The prices don't include:

  • Any personal expenses
  • Any lodging extras (extra nights, sodas, phone…)
  • Insurance expenses
  • Additional tests that are not blood test and that depend on each case (cardiological exam, mammography, breast ultrasound...)
  • Air fare
  • Related medications after surgery or those not related to the treatment.


Our team is run by elite of highly qualified surgeons who practice internationally. Sensual Body Dream deals with only the top Bolivian plastic surgeons, all of whom are qualified from the best international universities in Brazil, and registered with the Bolivian and Brazilian National Council of Medical Practitioners.  Our plastic surgeons have been in practice for a number of years in Bolivia and Brazil.

They are committed surgeons, a fellow of the Bolivian and Brazilian College of Surgeons, and are all membership:

In the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery
In the Bolivian Society of Plastic Surgery
In the Ibero-Latin American Federation of Plastic Surgeons
Title of "Specialist" in cosmetic surgery by the Brazilian and Bolivian Medical Association and Federal Council of Medicine.

Our clinics in Bolivia conform to The American and European standards, and are chosen by us for the quality of their services, their modernity, the state-of-the-art equipment, and their competent medical and paramedical staff, who are available to help and support you whenever you need them.

Our surgeons are the most qualified and experienced plastic surgeons in Bolivia.
All are Board Certified and have over 15 years experience in plastic, cosmetic, and reconstructive surgery.
The meticulous attention to detail of our surgeon has earned them a reputation as "perfectionist". They are sought out for beautiful breast augmentation results, defining liposculpture, the most natural nose and an undetectable face lift. Also leading experts in the placement of body sculpting implants. Clients from around the world fly to Santa Cruz for gluteal implants and fat grafting.

The surgeons who collaborate in these interventions are of equal expertise. They are graduated from the state of doctors in medicine; registered in the national and international advice of physicians.  Members of the most important international society of Plastic Aesthetic surgery (FILAPC) .
How did we selected our plastic surgeons?
Sensual Body Dream has done all the hard work and due diligence for you. Over the years, we have interviewed and met just about every surgeon and private clinics in Bolivia. We selected the few clinics and surgeons to work with based on the most important factors: evidence of excellent past work, a flawless track record, experience, service and price. As we found out, this combination is extremely difficult to find and hard to come by. There is a great deal of research that goes into finding the best surgeons and clinics, and we strongly recommend traveling with us just for this reason. It is extremely risky choosing a surgeon or hospital via the internet alone, and you will not get the attention, the Surgical Guarantee and service from the clinics and surgeons if you travel alone rather than with Sensual Body Dream.

The operating room provides a sterile environment in which the operating team can perform surgery.
The operating team consists of:

Two board-certified plastic surgeons: The chief surgeon, who directs the surgery; one or more assistant surgeons, who help the chief surgeon.

The surgeons are attended by two nurses
A medical anesthesiologist with an attending nurse.
The anesthesiologist stays with the patient throughout the surgery and until the patient is discharged home from the recovery room, because it is important that the patient is monitored closely during the period in the recovery room.
One or two scrub nurses who passes instruments to the surgeon.
The circulating nurse who provides extra equipment to the operating team.
A nursing team for post-anesthetic recovery area and hospitalization.

We shall be at our most attentive towards you following the treatment.
The factor that always differentiates Sensual Body Dream from its competitors is the priority we always give to our patients and their needs, which is why we shall give you most attention after the treatment.

As a factor that makes us different, our postoperative attention is a key to our product.

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LINDA STUART 55 years: July 2005
Hi Sofia,

I think about all of you all the time, my room and the people are always on my mind. It was quite an experience that I'll never forget. I hope I can come back sometime to see the rest of Santa Cruz and visit with you. Give my regards to medical team when you see them. I think I had several angels watching over me at the clinic and he was one of them (my assistant and you were others!). I miss all of you. It's hard to believe that I've now moved on to my regular life and all the wonderful people at the clinic are no longer a part of my recovery. Thanks again for everything and being such good friends and support persons. It was more helpful than you'll ever know.

SAMANTHA BUICK 57 years: December 2005
My experience with Sensual Body Dream was very positive. The staff is very professional, friendly, and helpful, Dr. Javier and Dario did an excellent job. I had a facelift with blepharoplasty and breast lift with tummy tuck in November of 2005, and was so happy with the results. I would and do recommend him and his staff. They are great;-) I am trully satisfied with all the attention I was giving at the clinic.
Thank you, Laura so much, you made sure that everything went smoothly.

DOROTHY VILGERAC 35 years: February 2006
My experience with Sensual Body Dream was nothing but positive. I could have gone anywhere in the world for my cosmetic surgery but I chose Sensual Body Dream and I couldn't be happier with the results!
The staff was friendly and helpful.
I'm very happy with the surgery and the doctor, as I’m very demanding I never imagined it would fulfill my expectations.

JOANNE V. 29 years: March 2006
After I breast fed my baby, my figure changed a lot so I decided to have breast implants, a full liposuction and brazilian buttlift.
Many friends in L.A. have complained about poor experiences with cosmetic surgery so when I decided to have my surgeries I went to Santa Cruz -Bolivia- where I have family. I chose Sensual Body Dream because it was for me the company that provided the best services for patients from US.
I was extremely impressed with my surgeon' surgical skill and also his good judgment. He chose exactly the right size breast implants for my frame. The implants look and feel perfectly real. Best money I've ever spent. I also had liposuction to remove saddlebags and the results are fantastic. I had no complications with either procedure.

LAUREEN SPENCER 42 years: April 2007
I have three children and gravity had taken a toll on my figure. At 30, I felt I looked much older. So after my last child, a friend recommended I go to Bolivia with Sensual Body Dream about having a breast lift and augmentation, tummy tuck and liposuction.
I chose Sensual Body Dreams because he did a great job on my friend  after an accident. I wanted a very natural, proportional increase.
I love the results, I have a very nice shape that I'm totally comfortable with, I feel healthier, more confident and I can wear all those great styles I couldn't before.

BRENDA C. 46 years: April 2005
Dear Dr. Javier Salvatierra,
it is Brenda from Miami. I wanted to take the time to honestly tell you what a pleasure it was to have you as a surgeon. You took the time to actually make me feel comfortable. You are a very caring doctor who gives a wonderful quality of service. I thought I would need both a brow lift and eyelid surgery to correct my forehead lines and drooping eyelids. But you were able to achieve my goals by doing the brow lift only. You didn't want to do more surgery than was necessary. Four years later, I am still very satisfied with the wonderful results you produced. you are an excellent doctor. You definitely made me feel better and look younger.

SACHA COLLINS 39 years: June 2008
Dear Sofia and Rafael the doctors you have selected are the kind of physicians!! They are both ethical and talented. They won't do a surgery unless they are convinced it is in the patient's best interest. I am extremely happy with the results of my breast lift with implants and liposuction. They managed to make a very nice improvement in the appearance of my body while maintaining a very natural look. They did a great job of repairing a mistake made by a previous plastic surgeon. They work perfectly.

CAROLE 34 years: August 2008
All my life, I wanted my nose reshaped and finally had the time to pursue it. The bump on the top of my nose had bothered me since college. It wasn't terrible, but in my mind, it was the focus of my face. At 34, I decided there are some things in life you can't change...but this is one you can. Dr. Javier  understood exactly what I wanted and the rhinoplasty he performed was the perfect solution to my problem.
Your surgeons not only performed an excellent work to correct my nose but also liposuction for a little double chin, and a chin implant to give my jaw better definition. I'm very pleased with the results and appreciated the way my surgeon clearly explained everything during my first face to face consultation in Bolivia.

ESTHER SIMONS 65 years: December 2009

ESTHER SIMONS 65 years: December 2009
The facelift Dr. Suarez performed on me totally rejuvenated me. People tell me I look 10 years younger. The results were just fantastic, even better than I had hoped. Your medical team is very professional, and they are really nice persons too. The quality of care I got from you was exceptional and so was the level of sincere, personal attention I got from you and your whole staff. These are clearly people who care deeply about their patients and I recommend you highly.

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Plastic Surgery Tourism in Bolivia.

[...] Tourist numbers have increased year on year by around 20% since 2003, with Bolivia proving particularly popular with American visitors.

The number of US tourists is up by more than a quarter (29%) on last year, with an increasing number of North Americans coming for plastic surgery.

Bolivia has two major benefits, other than cost. First and foremost, its cosmetic surgeons are among some of the best in the world.

The majority of the Bolivian plastic surgeons are Double Board Certified by The "Bolivian Society of Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery" and "Brazilian Society of Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery". Some of them are also member of the The American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Bolivian plastic surgeons have good reason to be so skilled: domestic demand for breast implants, liposuction, laser surgery and nip-and-tuck treatments is sky high in this style-obsessed country.

From the middle class to upper class, one in 7 Bolivian women is estimated to have gone under the plastic surgeon's knife!

The second big draw is the country's reputation as an exotic tourist destination.

Makeover Travel is typical of the medical organisation specialized in health tourism that have opened in Santa Cruz de la Sierra -the economic capital of Bolivia- over recent years to cater for the medical tourism boom. Based in a smart three-storey office in the city's exclusive Equipetrol district, the company employs a dozen surgeons to work with its client base of foreign patients.

"We offer tailor-made services from beginning to end," explains the clinic's marketing coordinator, Monica Chavez. "We meet our patients at the airport, book their accommodation, arrange for them to meet the surgeon beforehand and then follow up with them once they return home."

Launched in 2002, MakeoverTravel has expanded on its initial Total Makeover packages with a wide range of different surgical procedures. Abdomen liposuction will set you back $1,000. Nose surgery or breast augmentation are priced at 1500 US$ and 2990 US$ with an All Inclusive package - Surgery and accommodation in a 5five stars hotel.

All the prices include hotel accommodation, airport transfers and travel advice. In addition, patients are assigned an English or French-speaking personal assistant for the length of their stay.The strategy is working. Makeover Travel attracts around 400 patients a year from all over the world. The majority come from the US, where the notion of medical tourism is more familiar than it is in Europe. The company also has a "significant number" of British patients, as well as clients from Spain, France and Canada.

Sonia Rivers, a Miami resident, admits to having been "very surprised" at the prices when she first inquired about nose procedure five months ago.

"If I went to a normal plastic surgeon in Miami it would cost me around $7,000, so I decided to do some research into other options," she says. [...]

Medical tourists should also be advised against planning physical activities after plastic surgery: doctors recommend being out of the sun for at least two months after invasive cosmetic surgery.

Most patients choose to fit in their travelling before their operation and then use the tail end of their holiday to rest and recuperate.

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Why Choose Bolivia for Your Transformation?

  • Bolivia is undoubtedly one of world’s leading countries for cosmetic and surgery.
  • Cosmetic surgery tourism is not new phenomenon in Bolivia. For years, savvy travelers have traveled to Bolivia for medical, dental and cosmetic surgery procedures, seeking and finding significant cost savings without sacrificing quality of care.
  • In recent years, however, national government (Health Ministry / Tourism Ministry) has taken increasing notice of this growing source of income and have to formally plan and develop medical infrastructures to cater to this new trend.
  • Makeover Travel is the premier integrated health company recognized by the national government of Bolivia, by providing access to the highest quality healthcare at a competitive price for foreign patients.
  • We are the largest healthcare provider in Bolivia, and one of the most renowned plastic and cosmetic surgery providers in the world.
  • We are the first and the largest Latin American independent operator focused in Complete Image Transformation.
  • We will place you into the hands of the Most specialized Makeover Team that for more than 15 years has been in charge of preparing men and women to compete in the leading international beauty.

We Will Pamper You With a Trip of a Lifetime!

  • No clinic at home could ever offer this combination of service, quality and great prices.
  • At Makeover Travel, we have one goal…to provide quality and compassionate care for each individual patient, because that is what you are, an individual with an unique set of circumstances, symptoms and healthcare needs. 
  • At Makeover Travel, we meet your needs by reaching a new level of healthcare…total healthcare.
  • We provide every patient an experience customized to their medical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs.
  • You should never have a feeling of discomfort travelling to an unfamiliar country because we take good care of you and provide you a very friendly ambience all the time during your stay.
  • Makeover Travel will offer you a very different trip compared with any other medical organizations. With us you will enjoy a trip of dream, responding to the different needs from the human being; plenty of emotions, of scents and flavors that you will never forget. A unique and wonderful trip that will allow you to reach not only the body you always dreamt, but also the happiness that you looked for during so much years!

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