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PlacidWay Brazil is a health & wellness program for medical tourism that combines healthcare with exotic travel options in Brazil at affordable rates. PlacidWay Brazil is your comprehensive solution for medical care in Brazil, including world-class surgeons and doctors, the latest in health facilities and medical technologies, treatments & procedures.

Nutricionista Dra. Mariana Ferri d`Avila

Sao Jose dos Campos, Brazil
Hello, My name is Mariana, Im from Brazil and Id like to have my name here because I work with the Orthomolecular Nutrition. This is the summary of my current work: Im nutritionist at the rugby national team since 2008 I have my own office My website is so visited because is always updated with good and useful information about health and wellness Sou especialista em nutriA?A?o ortomolecular e amo o meu trabalho I attended the best university of nutrition in Brazil I created the first group of studies in nutritional sciences called "Liga Universitaria de NutriA?A?o SA?o Camilo" I work as a consultant in the field of orthomolecular nutrition I do care for sick and healthy people (children, pregnant women, adults, athletes, seniors, nursing mothers and infants) This was only a summary of my current job, if you need more information, please send e-mail. I appreciate the attention and hope to be part of this website that is a reference of Orthomolecular. I look brief contact.


Vitoria, Brazil
Offering a complete and personalized service especially for those of you wishing to have Plastic or Weight Loss surgeries and/or other aesthetic or medical treatments in Brazil. We have a complete team of concierges, nurses, physical therapists, surgeons, dermatologists and dentists, besides of the best hospital of Vitoria.


, Brazil
We are a vital service for you, the patient who is considering surgery abroad, in the planning stages with many questions, medical and logistic concerns, budgeting, language and even cultural aspects to consider.
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