Focus Area: Rehabilitation and Medical Spa Treatment

Rehabilitation and Medical Spa Treatment

Rehabilitation is the combination of methods applied to restore useful life in patients. It helps the body to achieve normal daily functions after an accident or medical problem by different kinds of recovery techniques.

Rehabilitation helps patients who have suffered from illness or injury restore their lost skills and regain self-sufficiency.

Injuries and illnesses have a different effect on different individuals. No single treatment plan serves the needs of an entire community. Individual evaluation is essential for the doctor to create a personalized treatment for effective recovery. Medical rehabilitation is a long-term treatment plan that helps patients suffering from physical and mental limitations to regain independence and restore functionality.

Conditions Treated by Medical Rehabilitation

Doctors design rehab programs to help accelerate patient recovery and control the ailment. The medical rehabilitation program is beneficial for multiple conditions. Here are a few of them:

Multiple Traumas

Patients experiencing multiple traumas with injuries in organs, body systems, head injuries, and more require intensive medical rehabilitation. It often extends beyond simple physical therapy.

Physical therapy works better when the therapist treats one specific injury. Football players who tore their ligaments in their ankle can recuperate better with ankle rehab in and out of a medical facility.

However, multiple trauma victims with many injuries, including brain damage need rehabilitation to recuperate not just their body, but also their mind. The medical rehabilitation program is beneficial to recover from multiple traumas.

Postoperative Deconditioning

Deconditioning is the exact opposite of what happens to our body when we get it better after exercising. Patients go through a period of decline after surgery or critical illness. This period can persist in the ensuing days, weeks, and maybe even months.

Postoperative deconditioning may occur to a patient as a result of a combination of both inactivity and poor nutrition. Deconditioning may be dangerous as it leads to a downward spiral of increasingly poor health. Patients may suffer from loss of mobility that can make them less able to work as they used to before.

Rehabilitation is so essential following surgeries or else it will be difficult for the patient to recover fast and effectively. Working with a therapist after their surgery helps to speed up their recovery and restore their lost abilities.

Organ System Failure and Transplants

Patients after an organ system failure or an organ transplant go through a long, difficult road to recovery. Patients undergone organ system failure or organ transplants need continuous help from rehabilitation professional to be able to begin their recovery process.

Renal or Metabolic Diseases

Renal disease or problems of the kidneys can sometimes lead to complete failure. In case a patient's kidneys, he/she is recommended to undergo dialysis to filter toxins out of the body. This can go for even the rest of life. Patients can recover better when they undergo a thorough rehab program as they may end up needing a kidney transplant after the rehab.

For metabolic diseases that disrupt body metabolism liver or pancreas may cease to function normally. As a matter of fact, metabolism helps to break up food and transfer it into fuel for the body. Rehabilitation repairs the metabolism disruption and supports body immunity to protect from several chronic illnesses. One common example of this would be diabetes.

Cardiovascular Disease

Cardiovascular disease or diseases of the heart requires effective rehabilitation to recover. Rehabilitation does the best exercise that works out our heart. It promotes the recovery process and prevents further damage an essential bodily organ.

The cardiovascular patient feels much more confident after a rehabilitation program as they progress safely and healthily.

Apart from this, a medical rehabilitation program is beneficial for patients suffering from:

  • Cancer
  • Immune system disorders, and
  • Pulmonary diseases

Essential changes can be noticed in the progress and recovery of patients who live through medical rehabilitation.

Medical spa treatments are also effective for patients who have just had an operation. It supports and encourages the healing process and help patients to find comfort and easiness. Patients can relax in a warm and friendly atmosphere and proceed towards a quick recovery.

Medical spa treatments help patients to:

  • Be able or fit again
  • Be back to a proper and healthy condition and function
  • Be back to life

Medical spa rehabilitation is recommended to patients under the control of drug & alcohol abuse and wants to reclaim control of their lives. Rehabilitation and spa give a new lease of life which is fulfilling to the patient.

A rehabilitated body is clean, healthy and full of energy. The body is recovered from the damage it has gone through and gets a boon of a strong health component.

Who Performs Rehabilitation and Medical Spa Treatment?

Rehabilitation therapist, specially trained to work with patients and restore vital body functions, activity, strength, and motion after any injury or surgery. Rehabilitation programs lead to the final recovery of the patient with specific exercises, stretches, and techniques coordinated by therapists to reach the best possible outcome. Therapists are flexible and understanding with the specific needs and limitations of the patients and plan them particular rehabilitation therapy that targets specific areas of weakness in the patients following an injury or surgery.

Rehabilitation therapists help to relieve the stress of recovery and support body function without pain. They are knowledgeable about the patient's body, medical history, and course of medication, joints, ligaments, and muscles. They very well understand the surgical procedure undergone by the patient and therefore tailor the right program to meet individual requirements to ensure the most successful outcome.

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