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Calda Clinic

Zollikon, Switzerland
Calda Clinic, located in Zollikon, Switzerland, specializes in rehabilitation programs for psychological health. The unique success-proven CALDA concept brings together consult diverse techniques from multiple disciplines of medicine, such as psychiatry and psychotherapy, orthomolecular medicine and alternative and complementary medicine. Our specialists work without psychotropic drugs whenever possible.

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Aastha Homeo Clinic

Kathmandu, Nepal
A wide range of diseases and ailments are treated at this homeopathic clinic located at Kathmandu in Nepal by a qualified and experienced practitioner. Overseas patients are welcomed at the clinic. The practitioner has treated patients from across Nepal and India from the year 1986. He is also an associate lecturer at the Bhaktapur Homeopathic medical college. He is committed to treating the cause of the ailment or disease through accurate homeopathic medications rather than the immediate symptoms. Patients can schedule an online consultation with the doctor and also order medication online from the clinic.

Alianza Medica Global | MCMX

Hermosillo, Mexico
Alianza Médica Mundial, una organización para turismo de salud y bienestar, combina la atención médica asequible, con opciones de viajes exóticos en México.

AMRI Medical Centre

Kolkata, India
This state of the art hospital is provided with high-end equipment and a team of dedicated and energetic people to provide unparallel patient care, and to improve the medical fraternity through continuous research work.

Antarang Psychosocial Research&Training Institute

Kathmandu, Nepal
ANTRANG Psychosocial Research and Training Institute In order to make people aware of psychosocial issues and to uplift psychosocial well-being of a person and the environment, it?has been established in March 2004 by a group ofpsychologists/psychosocial counselors. Objectives " ????To provide psychosocial counseling and other therapeutic intervention to the people in need. " ????To develop training manuals and conduct trainings and awareness program onpsychosocial issues. " ????To ?undertake researches in various psychosocial issues. Services Psychological counseling and psychotherapyo(hypnotherapy, family therapy, child parent relation therapy etc) for various kind of psychilogical problems for e.g. depression, anxiety, social phobia, medically unexplained physical ?problems, insomnia, study problems, pychosexual problems, careercounselling Six month counselling course Training on psychosocial issues for e.g. art of parenting, life skills training, personality development, dance movement therapy, self hypnosis etc.

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Arab City for Comprehensive Care

Amman, Jordan
Enabling persons with disabilities to live an independent and dignified life... precise diagnosis, education, treatment and comprehensive rehabilitation. Services include: medicine, special education, rehabilitation, physical, occupational, & speech therapy, psychology, and social services.

Avcilar Hospital

Istanbul, Turkey
AVCİLAR HOSPİTAL is a private healthcare service provider in Istanbul established in 1998. It has created a unique opportunity for global healthcare seekers via its unique network in and outside Turkey. The vision of AVCİLAR HOSPİTAL is to offer comprehensive healthcare services to the community and international patients by setting standards for excellence in all medical specialties using the latest technologies and medical standards. We guarantee incredible savings for patients seeking medical care. Our Consultants and staff speak English, Dutch, Arabic, Russian, Georgian and Turkish. Healthcare services and medical consultations are provided 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Avcılar Hospital offers efficient and high-quality care through 32 departments by 70 physicians.

BarnaclinicPlus | Group Hospital Clinic

Barcelona , Spain
The Hospital Clínic of Barcelona is the best hospital in Barcelona Spain that provides the dental care treatment, cosmetic surgery, organs transplant and fertility treatment.

Bio Care Hospital & Health Center

Tijuana, Mexico
The most advanced integrative medical center offering the best choices… integrative and individualized programs for cancer patients, multiple sclerosis, immunological disorders, hormonal imbalance and chronic degenerative diseases.

BLK Memorial Hospital

New Delhi, India
Our vision is to create a patient-centric, tertiary health care organisation focused on non-intrusive quality care utilising leading edge technology with a human touch.

Century Medical & Dental Center

New York, United States
Century Medical & Dental Center in Brooklyn has emerged as a one-stop multi-specialty clinic, where you can get comprehensive acute and chronic medical care instantly. Key services include dentistry, cardiology, neurology, gynecology, orthopedic surgery, ENT, urology, general medicine and more.


Playa Del Carmen, Mexico
Clinica Digestiva de la Riviera Maya in Playa Del Carmen is the first digestive clinic in the Riviera Maya that focuses on treatments like nutrition, general medicine, general surgery, internal medicine, gastroenterology, Laparoscopy, endoscopy, psychology, pneumology, urology, and otorhinolaryngology.

Clinic Reencuentro | Addiction Treatment Center

Tijuana, Mexico
Our Detox Center is “Clinic Reunion” or “Reencuentro” it is located in Rosarito, Baja California Mexico, 40 miles south San Diego Border. We are specialized in the treatment of those who suffer chronic relapse with drugs and alcohol that are dually diagnosed

Clinica Hospital San Jose de Navojoa

Navojoa, Mexico
Cli?nica Hospital San Jose de Navojoa is one of the newest ultra modern healthcare facilities located in Sonora, Mexico, dedicated to serving surrounding community residents as well as Americans traveling south-of-the-border for excellent, qualified and expert care in a variety of medical fields and disciplines.

Clinica Nuevo Ser Centro de Rehabilitacion contra las Adicciones

Tijuana, Mexico
Clínica Nuevo Ser es un centro especializado en el tratamiento de adicciones como el alcoholismo, drogadicción, adicción al juego (Ludopatía) y diversos trastornos mentales como la codependencia, la baja autoestima y trastornos de personalidad.

Dr D Y Patil Hospitals Pune

Pune, India
Dr D Y Patil Hospitals Pune, located in Maharashtra, India offers comprehensive treatment procedures for General Medicine, Paediatrics, Dermatology, Venereology & Leprosy, Respiratory Medicine, Psychiatry, and Emergency Medicine services to domestic and international patients. Click for details.

El Vigia

Tijuana, Mexico
Ultra Rapid Anesthesia Detoxification involves infusion of intravenous medications which quickly remove the opiate drugs from the opiate receptors in the body. The opiate receptors are where all opiate drugs attach, inducing the feeling of euphoria and pain relief. The specialized Accelerated?Opiate Detoxification procedure eliminates the extreme pain and suffering associated with opiate withdrawal. Once the opiate drugs are removed from the receptors, the worst of withdrawal is over, all done under anesthesia in a licensed surgical facility by skilled "Board Certified" physicians with many years of experience. Ultra Rapid Anesthesia Detoxification, odetoxifies the body of active opiates in 6 hours or less under the medical care of an anesthesiologist and skilled nurses. Staff trained and experienced in the Ultra Rapid Anesthesia Detoxification procedure ensures the wellbeing of each patient, utilizing the state of the art technology offered at EL VIGIA/MEDAC. Our patients are people where they have decided that they must stop using drugs like: Heroin Methadone OxyContin Oxycodone Vicodin Hydrocodone Morphine Most of our patients tell us that they have tried to stop PRIOR to coming to EL VIGIA Detox Center for treatment, but the pain was too great and they resumed taking the substance. Like most of us, they are looking for a way to minimize the pain and the time needed to compl
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