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Speciality:Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery

Location:Istanbul | Turkey

About: Dr. Riza Kanturk completed his medical education at Uludag University Medical Faculty and had his postgraduate education at Uludag University Medical Faculty: Department of Pla...

Speciality:Anesthesia and Reanimation

Location:Istanbul | Turkey

About: Dr. Ali Ekber Yurekli was born in Erzincan, Turkey in the year of 1981. He completed his medical education at On Dokuz Mayis University Medical Faculty and had his postgraduate...

Speciality:Medical Doctor

Location:Istanbul | Turkey

About:Dr. Gulden Gurel is a renowned Medical Doctor (MD). She was born in Corum, Turkey in of 1970. She completed her medical education in Uludag University Medical Faculty. Job H...

Speciality:Laser and Cataract Surgery

Location:Istanbul | Turkey

About:Dr. Necdet Cinhuseyinoglu is a renowned Cataract and Laser surgeon. He was born in 1956, in Kastamonu, Turkey and studied at Ankara University, Faculty of Medicine. He completed hi...

Speciality:Urology - Kidney Transplantation

Location:Izmir | Turkey

About:    Postgraduate education: 1995 - 1997: Clinical fellowship in Kidney Transplantation and peripheral vascular access surgery. University of Southern Californ...

Speciality:Hair Transplantation

Location:Istanbul | Turkey

About:Professional experience: 1994 - present: Transmed Hair and Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, Medical Director, Istanbul 1993-1994: Work experience in hair restoration clinics in Ger...

Speciality:General Surgery, Hair Restoration

Location:Istanbul | Turkey

About: Dr. Ugur Dikmen was born in Istanbul in 1965. Dr. Dikmen completed his general surgery specialization in Şişli Etfal Hospital between 1990 and1995 after graduati...

Speciality:Plastic Surgeon

Location:Istanbul | Turkey

About: Dr. Ali Dursun Kan completed his education in Istanbul University’s Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine in 1993. Dr. Ali Dursun Kan received his general surgery spec...

Speciality:Hair Surgeon

Location:Istanbul | Turkey

About: Dr. Canan Köksüz graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of Ege University in 1986 and performed her first hair transplant surgery in a hair surgery clinic in 2000 in ...


Location:Istanbul | Turkey

About: Dr. Sibel Özavcı graduated from Istanbul University’s Faculty of Dentistry in 1988. Dr. Sibel Özavcı attended various conferences and courses at ...
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