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Location:Florence | Italy

About: Professional experience Present: Medical Director of the Surgical Department 1992 - 1995: Medical Director of Cardiology at IRCCS Florence 1995 -&nb...

Speciality:General surgery, Cardiac surgery, Angiology

Location:Katowice | Poland

About:  Position: Head of the Clinic Specialties:                     ...

Speciality:Cardiac Surgeon

Location:Rome | Italy

About:Professional Experience Cardiac Surgeon Specialised in: Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery, Valve Repair and Reconstruction, Aortic reconstruction, Revascularisation Since ...

Speciality:Cardiac Specialist

Location:Rome | Italy

About: Education 1996   Medical Doctor, University “Magna Graecia”, Catanzaro, Italy 2001     Postgraduate studies in Internal Medicine...

Speciality:Pediatric, Adult Cardiac and Cardipulmonary Surgery

Location:Istanbul | Turkey

About:  Has published over 40 International & 50 National Articles and over 100 International & National Meeting Abstracts.  Has also been invited as speaker at diff...

Speciality:Cardiac Surgery, Bypass Surgery, Cardiac Care,

Location:London | United Kingdom

About: Dr André R Simon is Director of Heart and Lung transplantation and Mechanical  Circulatory Assist and Consultant Cardio-Thoracic Surgeon at the Royal Brompton and Ha...

Speciality:Cardiology laboratory, Electrocardiogram, Cardiology, Transesophageal Echo

Location:Manama | Bahrain

About: Dr. Waleed Sultan  (Cardiology Specialist) Preventive cardiology clinic. Hypertension clinic. Heart failure clinic. Cardiology laboratory: ...

Speciality:Pediatric/Neonatal Cardiac Surgery, Cardiovascular Surgery,

Location:Bangalore | India

About:  Medical School MBBS : Karnataka Medical College, Hubli  MS (Gen. Surgery)  : Seth G.S Medical College, Mumbai  MCh (Cardio Thoracic)  : Sri ...

Speciality:Heart Surgery

Location:Katowice | Poland

About: Position: Head of the Cardiac Surgery Department of PAKS /Polish-American Heart Clinics - American Heart of Poland, S.A./ in Bielsko Biala Professional experience: ...

Speciality:Heart Surgery

Location:Katowice | Poland

About: Position: Head of Hospital Department – Specialist in Cardiology; Vice-President of the Board of Directors First Department of Cardiology and Angiology (Vascul...
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