Dr. Maya Sadunishvili, Gynecologist, Cardiologist - Tbilisi, Georgia

Krtsanisi II Line, 33 Tbilisi, Georgia
Associated Center: European Fertility Clinic
Speciality: Gynecologist, Cardiologist,
Languages: English
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About - Dr. Maya Sadunishvili


Dr. Maya Sadunishvili: Leading Cardiologist in Tbilisi, Georgia

Meet Dr. Maya Sadunishvili, a distinguished cardiologist and physician with over 21 years of experience, providing exceptional care at the European Fertility Clinic in Tbilisi, Georgia. Explore her extensive education, qualifications, and professional affiliations that underscore her expertise in cardiovascular health.

Education and Specialization: A Journey of Excellence

Delve into Dr. Sadunishvili's educational journey, including her rigorous training at the esteemed Tbilisi State Medical University and specialized residency in cardiology at the State Medical Academy for Postgraduate Medical Education. With a commitment to continuous learning, she pursued doctoral studies and obtained qualifications in internal medicine, laying a solid foundation for her career in cardiology.

Expertise in Cardiovascular Health: Dr. Sadunishvili's Experience

Explore Dr. Sadunishvili's extensive experience in cardiovascular health, where she applies her knowledge and skills to diagnose and manage a wide range of cardiac conditions. With over two decades of practice, she is adept at providing personalized care tailored to each patient's unique needs, ensuring optimal heart health and well-being.

Professional Affiliations: A Testament to Excellence

Learn about Dr. Sadunishvili's membership in prestigious organizations such as the European Society of Cardiology and the Georgian Society of Cardiology. As an active participant in these professional communities, she stays abreast of the latest advancements in cardiovascular medicine, further enhancing her ability to deliver high-quality care to her patients.

Compassionate Patient Care: Dr. Sadunishvili's Approach

Experience the compassionate patient care that defines Dr. Sadunishvili's practice at the European Fertility Clinic. With her empathetic demeanor and commitment to patient-centered care, she establishes trust and rapport with individuals undergoing fertility evaluations, ensuring their cardiovascular health is prioritized throughout the process.

Collaborative Care: Partnering for Health and Fertility

Discover Dr. Sadunishvili's collaborative approach to patient care, where she works closely with fertility specialists and other healthcare professionals to address the unique needs of individuals seeking fertility treatment. By integrating cardiovascular health considerations into treatment plans, she ensures holistic care and optimal outcomes for her patients.

Empowering Health and Fertility: Your Trusted Cardiologist

Embark on your journey to parenthood with confidence, knowing that your cardiovascular health is in expert hands with Dr. Maya Sadunishvili at the European Fertility Clinic in Tbilisi. With her extensive experience, dedication to excellence, and compassionate care, she is committed to empowering you to achieve your fertility goals while safeguarding your heart health.

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Education and Qualifications:

  • Specialties: Cardiologist, Physician
  • Experience: more than 21 years.
  • 1993-2001 – Tbilisi State Medical University;
  • 2003-2006 – Cardiology residency at the State Medical Academy for Postgraduate Medical Education;
  • 2010 – Doctoral studies at Tbilisi State Medical University;
  • 2012 – Qualification in Internal Medicine.

Membership in Organizations:

  • Member of the European Society of Cardiology
  • Member of the Georgian Society of Cardiology

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European Fertility Clinic reviews

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    Modern and beautiful clinic, comfortable waiting area, friendly administrator. I was very pleased with the consultation with Dr. Natalia Knyazeva. Thank you!

    European Fertility Clinic Feb 09 2024
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    Volha K

    I recommend obstetrician-gynecologist and reproductive specialist Natalya Knyazeva. After the appointment, you will definitely be calm, and you will understand what to do, how to solve your issue, your situation.

    European Fertility Clinic Feb 14 2024
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    Jane P

    I visited a gynecologist and had blood tests. The doctor is very neat and tactful. The tests arrived quickly, on time as promised. I can recommend this clinic!

    European Fertility Clinic Feb 02 2024
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    Amazing place! Friendly staff, the best doctors.

    European Fertility Clinic Jan 09 2024
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    Tanya K

    I recommend this clinic! All the staff are very attentive and caring. There are competent professionals and they were excellent in my treatment.

    European Fertility Clinic Jan 09 2024
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    Aliaksandr S

    Highly recommend this clinic! They have very experienced doctors and modern equipment as well. I’ll definitely come back there again.

    European Fertility Clinic Dec 08 2023

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