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Diabetes Treatment Abroad

Diabetes Treatment Abroad


Diabetes mellitus is actually the name given to a group of diseases that are characterized by high blood sugar levels in your body.  Type 2 diabetes may also be called non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus or NIDDM, as well as adult onset diabetes mellitus or AODM. These blood sugar, or glucose, levels must be maintained within a certain range, or your body can be adversely affected.

Diabetes is caused by deficiencies in either the secretion of insulin from the pancreas or its function. Insulin is a type of hormone that allows body cells to absorb and store glucose, which is then converted to energy. When your body becomes deficient in insulin, the body may develop a form of diabetes mellitus.

There are two major types of diabetes:

Type 1 - also known as juvenile diabetes, individual's body makes very little insulin or none at all.
Type 2 - the most common form of diabetes, caused by the body's inability to absorb insulin. More younger people and children are diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes today - a result of obesity

Benefits of Diabetes Treatment

Costs of battling diabetes mellitus are rising at alarming rates, with billions of dollars spent every year in treatment and drugs to fight symptoms, in addition to hospital stays and physician’s visits. Diabetes mellitus is the third leading cause of death in the United States, only after heart disease and cancer.

Any treatment that improves overall function maintains or promotes obesity or weight loss and exercise combined with diet can be beneficial to a diabetic.

Diabetes Treatments

Diabetes mellitus is a chronic condition, but it can be controlled through careful diet and exercise programs. Blood glucose monitors used daily can keep the disease under control for those instructed to inject insulin. Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas that regulates fat and carbohydrates metabolism and controls blood glucose levels. Some of the most common types of insulin include:

  • Humalog (lispro)
  • Novolin L
  • Humulin U
  • Humalog 75/25 (pre-mixed)
  • Novolin 70/30 (pre-mixed)
  • Novolog (asoart)
  • Humulin R

Diabetes Mellitus

New stem cell technologies are also underway in countries around the world, with promising results. Stem cell treatments focus on regenerating damaged or destroyed tissues caused by a number of illnesses or disease processes, including diabetes.

How Much Do Diabetes Treatments Cost?

Costs associated with diabetes depend on the type of diabetes you have and what types of insulin you take, as well as its delivery method. For example, a month's supply of insulin for syringe injections averages $30 to $50 per vial. How much insulin you take directly affects costs for insulin.  The cost of an insulin pump in the U.S. is about $7,000 with supplies averaging about $175 a month. Stem cell treatment or therapy for diabetes is not yet available in the U.S. but is projected to be quite high. Costs associated to diabetic treatments in the U.S. exceed $170 billion dollars a year.

Medical travelers visiting places like Mexico and India can save hundreds, or even thousands of dollars on diabetic treatments, weight loss programs and stem cell therapies.

Who Provides Diabetes Treatments?

Physicians and D.O.'s (Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine) today often offer their patients alternative chronic illness and chronic infections medicine and treatment therapies in conjunction with current treatment plans. D.O.’s are fully trained and licensed physicians, just like M.D.’s, who may specialize in surgery, family medicine, pediatrics and so forth. However, D.O.’s treat the body unit as a whole, using what is commonly referred to as the “whole person” approach.

Diabetes Treatment Abroad

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