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Eating Disorders Treatment Abroad

Eating Disorders Treatment Abroad



Affect millions of people around the world. Eating disorders involve not only eating too much, eating too little or binge eating, but such disorders are often accompanied by other emotional conditions and behaviors called contributing factors. Some of the most common eating disorders include:

  • Bulimia nervosa - this condition involves binge eating, or eating to extremes, and then inducing vomiting to get rid of the fluid and foods just consumed.
  • Anorexia nervosa - anorexia nervosa is a type of self-starvation. Individuals diagnosed with anorexia are extremely conscious of their weight, and are often refuse to eat for fear of gaining weight.
  • Binge eating - Binge eating disorders are known as BED.  Binge eating defines a condition where person will eat a large amount of food at one time, whether they're hungry or not.

A number of factors may lead to or contribute to eating disorders including anxiety, body image, we issues, and lack of activity.  Individuals with anxiety disorders, low self-esteem or self-confidence, and those going through emotional or highly emotional periods in their life may develop some type of eating disorder.

Benefits of Treatment for Eating Disorders

May help teach individuals how to eat properly, consume, and maintain adequate nutritional requirement and balance of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins and fats in our daily diets. Individuals receiving treatment for an eating disorder may reduce their risk of heart disease, long-term impact on how their body metabolizes food, and prevent obesity.

Eating Disorder Treatments

Determining the cause for the eating disorder and addressing its immediate results are the main focus of addressing an eating disorder. Counseling and addiction-type facilities provide a basis for such treatment. Treatment for eating disorders may include but is not limited to:

  • Cognitive or behavioral therapy
  • Rational emotive therapy (RET)
  • Counseling
  • Group support
  • Inpatient or Outpatient addiction clinics or facilities

Addiction therapies provide psychological and psychiatric support for the person experiencing a food disorder, determining what led to the eating issues, thoughts regarding self-starvation or binge-eating while it occurs, and the type of behaviors displayed by the individual, as well as consequences of eating disorders.

Several types of eating disorder addiction treatments utilize holistic approaches to treatment that take into consideration body, mind, and spirit. Eating disorder  therapies are often utilized to help individuals overcome their compulsions and desires to engage in destructive eating behaviors.

Cost of Treatment for Eating Disorders

Addiction treatment program in the United States averages about $10,000, but eating disorder patients can find quality, experienced and affordable addiction treatment programs in Europe for the same price or less, including airfare and hotels, than you find in the United States.

Some of the most popular addiction treatment facilities engaging in new treatments and studies regarding addiction therapies are found and international destinations. Medical travelers seeking affordable and sometimes anonymous treatment benefit from looking for such programs in exotic locations such as Russia, Switzerland, Serbia, South America, and Southeast Asia for savings of thousands of dollars.

Who Deals with Eating Disorders?

Eating disorder treatments or therapy should be supervised by a professionally trained expert in the field. Doctors trained in eating disorders should be experienced, certified, and members of physician organizations and associations in their country of origin. Support staff should also be certified to provide healthcare and facilities should be clean and antiseptic. Eating disorder specialists specialize in the identification and treatment of multiple forms of addiction, and some of the best specialize in neurobiology, medical and psychological support.

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