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Breast Implants Procedure Abroad

Breast Implants Procedures Abroad

Women are not always happy with the size or shape of their breasts. Too big, too small, even different sizes, but whatever the reason, treatments for women abound. Breast implants have been around for decades, and materials just keep getting better. Understanding the types of breast implants available, the procedure for insertion and where to get them help women around the world achieve the look they desire, which in turn enhances self confidence and self esteem.

Types of Breast Implants

These days, multiple types of breast implants are available for women to choose from. Whether breast implant surfaces are rounded or customized into various shapes, textured or smooth, sizes range from about 120 cc to 850 cc. Discuss with your doctor the reasons for desiring breast implants before choosing one type or size over another.

To achieve a natural look that balances shape and proportion to the rest of your body shape, a breast implant should be carefully chosen. After all, size is not everything. Your chest structure should be able to support your new implants, and choosing a size too large than your frame can comfortably carry may look unbalanced, unnatural and even cause difficulties with posture.

Breast implants are filled with different components, the two most popular of which are either saline or silicone. Most implants are designed with an outermost layer called the shell, lumen or envelope, the filling, which fills the shell, and the patch, which is a cover placed over the location where the filler has been inserted into the shell.

In the U.S., the two most common types of implants are the saline, which is a pouch of saline (a salt-water type) solution placed inside the silicone rubber shell, and the silicone implant, which consists of a gel-like substance.

Silicone implants are available in:

  • Single lumen - prefilled by manufacturers
  • Double lumen - inner portion pre-filled, outer portion filled during procedure
  • Double lumen - outer shell pre-filled, inner shell filled during procedure
  • Pre-designed semi - solid gel shape implant

Prospective breast implant patients should know that most implants will need to be replaced after about ten years, though some need to be replaced sooner.

Breast Implant Procedure

Three common procedures are used for breast implants:

  • Partial submuscular placement - implant situated beneath breast tissues and partially beneath pectoral muscle structures

  • Subglandular placement - implant placed under breast tissues but on top of chest muscles

  • Complete submuscular placement - implant situated beneath chest and pectoral muscles

Who Performs Breast Implant Procedures?

Anyone who performs any type of cosmetic or plastic surgery should be educated, trained and certified in plastic surgery procedures. At least two years of experience in breast augmentation, reduction or reconstruction is best, and surgeons of choice should also be able to provide proof of certification, accreditation, and experience upon request. Surgeons should also belong to associations, organizations or groups that focus on breast cosmetic and plastic surgical procedures.

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