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Buttock Enlargement Treatment Abroad

Buttock Enlargement Treatment Abroad


Buttock enlargement is a popular cosmetic treatment for those who feel their behind is too flat or does not have enough of a lift. Recently, the buttock has been becoming a more prominent attribute with women, and as a result more individuals are looking to feel better in their clothing. A buttock enlargement is intended to not only enhance the look of the buttock area, but offer it a better shape and lift. It also adds proportion to women who might have a larger breast size and feel that the buttock area is hindering their womanly proportions. As with many cosmetic procedures, the buttock enlargement offers women a renewed sense positive appearance and higher self confidence or esteem.  

Anyone wishing to undergo a buttock enlargement procedure must be at least 18 years old and in good physical health. Prior to surgery, a consultation with the surgeon will be used to examine the buttock area and to talk about reasons why the procedure is wanted. Potential risks, side effects and information about the procedure will be shared during the consultation.

Common Cosmetic Surgery Treatments

There are two different types of buttock enlargement procedures - one is through the use of silicone implants and the other is through fat injections into the butt area, taken from other areas of the body. Most often, surgeons suggest an enlargement with the use of fat injections, with the exception of patients who are too petite and have no extra fat stored on the body. Fat implants gives the buttock area a more natural look and feel, and  also cuts down on risk of infection that implant surgery may have. An additional advantage of using a fat transfer is that the liposuction needed to take fat from other parts of the body results in a leaner look in other body areas like the stomach - a bonus!

To start the procedure, the surgeon contours the buttock area by performing liposuction around the cheeks to enhance their look. The areas most commonly used for liposuction include upper outer thighs, stomach area and on the back directly above the buttock area. By contouring the area, the buttock already begins to display enhanced appearance prior to fat injection.

The fat taken from the areas around the buttock is purified and processed to be used for fat injections. For the injection, only pure fat is acceptable for transferring into the buttock area. Very slender, long rods known as cannulas are used to inject the pure fat into the buttock area. Small amounts of fat are injected into multiple locations on the buttock at different depths to create a natural and smooth appearance.

Once the procedure is complete, the patient must not directly sit on the buttocks for at least three weeks. A control garment to help prevent swelling is used for two weeks, even though swelling might be apparent for up to six weeks. Four weeks after the surgery, a patient is able to resume normal activities.

Benefits of Buttock Enlargement

Benefits of Buttocks Enlargement

Undergoing a buttock enlargement is ideal for those who want to enhance their appearance or to gain self-esteem. Buttock enlargement has become one of the most popular procedures in the last few years, due to models and actresses who have voluptuous behinds. This is actually how the brazilian buttock lift became popular.

Cost of Buttock Enlargement Procedure

The total cost of the procedure includes buttock area re-sculpting, liposuction, fat injections, surgeon's fees, anesthesia, hospital costs and post-op care from nurses in addition to doctor’s visits. Costs vary depending on the amount of injections needed. However, in the United States the prices are approximately $16,000-$18,000. (Elective cosmetic surgery is not covered by most medical insurance plans in the U.S.) In Brazil, costs of a buttock enlargements are approximately $4,000-$8,000, and in $5,000 in Thailand.

Choosing a Surgeon

It is important to locate a surgeon who specializes in buttock enlargement and augmentations. Surgeons who have many years of experience are able to create a natural and smooth appearance, so their skill will prevent errors that an inexperienced surgeon might make. Check out the surgeons facilities to make sure they have state of the art equipment, proper training and certification, and that he or she belongs to boards, associations or organizations of plastic and cosmetic surgery in their country of origin.

If you are looking for affordable buttock augmentation in India, we recommend a state-of-the-art hospital that has a multi-disciplinary team. If you are from the US or Canada and you don't want to travel all the way to India, there is a brazilian buttock augmentation in Mexico  package you can check out.

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