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Tooth loss often results from tooth decay, injury to the teeth and jaw, or disease. Individuals choose a full set of dentures for a variety of reasons. Some are cosmetic. However, it' recommended that damaged teeth, or those that have fallen out, to be replaced for ease of eating, as well as prevention of further damage to remaining teeth. Failure to do so may result in shifting of the remaining teeth. Two styles of dentures are available: complete or full dentures for those who have no teeth, and a partial denture or an over-denture for those individuals who are only missing a few teeth. Full dentures fill replace your entire upper or lower arch of teeth and support jaw form and structure.

Who Benefits from Dentures?

Those missing more than several teeth, or those diagnosed with diseased or damaged teeth may benefit from a full set of dentures to restore self-confidence, appearance and function. Dentures not only alter physical appearance but also allow for proper alignment and function when eating and chewing.

Full Dentures - Procedure in Brief

There are two different types of full dentures:

  • Standard - this type of full denture replacement is designed for individuals who are missing all their teeth. A traditional style of denture, these come with a full palette form that is suctioned against the roof of the mouth to hold it in place (think of your grandma's dentures).
  • Temporary - also called the media dentures, this type of full denture is made before teeth are pulled. Prefabricated, this denture plate is inserted over the upper or lower jaw following immediate extraction of the teeth. The temporary denture is kept in place while the full or permanent set of dentures is under construction at the dental lab.

Cosmetic Dentures Repair

In most cases, full dentures are made out of acrylic resins that may also include metals or porcelain for structural support. Prior to the insertion of your full dentures, your remaining teeth are extracted. In some cases, oral surgery is performed to restore or improve the bone structure beneath the teeth that will help provide a stable surface for the dentures.

When you visit the dentist's office prior to your extraction appointment, the dentist will make the wax bite impression. This gives the dentist and those who design the dentures exact measurements of your bite, jaw spacing, and jaw structure. While your permanent dentures are being created, you may have several appointments with the dentist to decide on shade, tooth color, and other fitting determinations that will enhance a custom fit of your new dentures.

How Much Do Full Dentures Cost?

In the United States, most denture procedures range from $300-$8,000. In the case of those who require implants for an entire arch or the full mouth, costs may reach $15,000 or more. In Costa Rica, dentures may cost $150-$400 and in Thailand, around $400-$900. Costs for a full upper or lower arch ranges between $500 and $2500.

Choosing a Dentist

Before selecting a dentist for your dentures, look into the experience and training of that dentist before committing to the procedure. While general dentists undergo training for many issues on the teeth, a prosthodontist who performs dental procedures receives additional training in restorative dentistry. Always make sure your dentist is trained and certified in his or her state or country of origin, as well as currently certified and trained in the latest dental procedures and techniques.

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