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Full Dentures at Americas Dental Care Costa Rica

Package price starting from: $1200
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Americas Dental Care, San José Province, San Pedro, Costa Rica, Costa Rica
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Full Dentures at Americas Dental Care Costa Rica


Full Dentures at Americas Dental Care Costa Rica


Do you need an alternative to dental implants? With dentures at Americas Dental Care, in San Jose, Costa Rica, you can replace your missing teeth hassle free!

A denture or false teeth is a removable prosthetic replacement for missing teeth and its adjacent tissues. There are two types of dentures - complete and partial dentures. Complete or full dentures are placed when all teeth either in the upper or lower jaw are missing. On the other hand, partial dentures are preferred when some of our natural teeth remain intact.

Denture Placement Procedure:

Your dentist or prosthodontist (expert in dental restoration) first will make an impression and measurement of your jaw. Next, they will create wax forms or plastic patterns in the exact position and shape of the measurements taken from you. Then, you will try to fit the model created. During the fitting, your dentist assesses for shape, color and fitting before the final denture will be made. Finally, your dentures will be casted. For the last time, you will fit it and adjustments will be made. 

Best candidates for full dentures are patients who/have:

  • Missing teeth and need an affordable alternative
  • Missing teeth and are not good candidates for a dental implant or a bridge
  • If you have lost most of your teeth
  • If you have lost most of your teeth due to bone loss, tooth decay or periodontal disease

Denture Price Costa Rica

Cost of Full Dentures in Costa Rica

There are several factors to consider when pricing customized dentures. Dental clinics consider these factors such as:

  • Additional procedure/s needed by the patient before placement of dentures – an example of this is the extraction of remaining teeth for the purpose of refining bony ridges.
  • If your prosthodontist specializes in crafting dentures, he/she and may charge more for the services he/she provides.
  • Location of the clinic – dental clinics situated in cities definitely charge higher compared to rural ones.
  • If you have a dental insurance or not.  
  • Materials to be used in making the dentures - highly cross-linked polymer denture teeth are more durable, expensive and project an aesthetic appeal compared to conventional plastic teeth.
  • Different metals used in crafing a removable partial denture may also add up to your total cost.
  • The usual type of warranty offered may vary from one to two years, while it may be covered for up to 10 years.

Americas Dental Care in San Jose, Costa Ricais one of the leading dental centers in Costa Rica that provides superb dental services specializing in cosmetic and restorative dentistry. Oral Med Center now offers a full denture package for ONLY $1,200 per jaw!

Benefits of full dentures:

  • They are entirely customizable.
  • They are comfortable and natural.
  • It offers the ability to recreate an authentic oral image.
  • It empowers you to eat the food you used to enjoy.
  • It allows you to chew and speak clearly.


Full Dentures may be your affordable alternative for missing teeth! You can have your dentist create custom full dentures for you at Americas Dental Care in San Jose, Costa Rica! Just click the button below to get a FREE quote.



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