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Total Shoulder Replacement Arthroplasty Treatment Abroad

Total Shoulder Replacement Arthroplasty Treatment Abroad


The shoulder is one of the major joints of the body and is at risk for wear and tear, stress injury, and arthritis. The shoulder joint is what is known as a ball and socket joint and provides extensive range of motion to the arms for all daily activities.

The upper arm is able to move in a circular motion, extend and move across the center of the body and lift up above the head. The shoulder joint also includes the shoulder blade, ligaments, the AC joint, which attaches the clavicle bone to the outer edge of the shoulder, and tendons.

Who Benefits from Total Shoulder Replacement?

Individuals who suffer from
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Fractures of the Upper Arm
Shoulder arthritis is the most common cause of shoulder pain and loss of range of motion. Arthritis affects over 16 million Americans yearly. Both men and women suffer from arthritis pain and the complications it may cause.

Osteoarthritis causes joint disintegration and destruction. Often limited range of motion and pain become so severe that surgical replacement of the whole joint is necessary.

Fractures often require the AC or acromnioclavicular joint to be replaced due to trauma or damage.

Prior to surgery the physician often orders x-rays, and often focuses on the AC joint using MRI.
This enables the orthopedic surgeon to see fine detail of the amount

Total Shoulder Replacement Procedure

Total Shoulder Replacement Procedure

The orthopedic surgeon makes an incision into the shoulder and upper are area. The incision is generally 3-4 inches in length and is made on the front of the shoulder to the collarbone.

The muscles are separated and held out of the way to provide access to the surgeon. The top end of the upper arm bone is then removed with a bone saw. After this is completed the remaining exposed bone of the humerus or upper arm bone is roughened up with a rasp like tool to make it ready for the prosthetic ball and socket.

Many different variations may be performed depending on the severity of the damage and the parts of the joint affected. Implants may be placed on the bone end of the upper arm or in the shoulder socket itself. Often, both surfaces must be totally replaced.

High density components are often used made up of polyethelene, while others are composed of cobalt or chromium based alloy. These components come in a variety of sizes and may be separate pieces or may be all inclusive units.

After surgery, pain is usually felt in the joint and physical therapy is started as soon after surgery as possible to return the joint to as full a range of motion as possible. Outcomes are positive in more than 90% of cases.

How much does Total Shoulder Replacement Surgery Cost?

As with any surgical procedure, the cost is dependent on type of procedures done and the geographical location of the surgery. Shoulder replacement surgery can cost up to $20,000 or more (costs will also depend on the type of prosthetic ball and joint fixture as well) in the U.S., but visitors to India may pay one-fifthh of that amount, while travelers to other locations such as Thailand or Brazil may enjoy savings of up to 80%.

Who Performs Total Shoulder Replacement Surgery?

Orthopedic surgeons typically perform this type of surgery. Research should always be performed by the individual wishing to have this procedure done to ensure the surgeon is certified by a Board of Surgeons and is also certified in laparoscopic techniques and has current licensure and good standing in national regions or boards of certification.
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