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Fat Transfer Anti Aging Technique Treatment Abroad

A fat transfer medical/surgical procedure helps plump tissues and skin in areas of the body that have lost elasticity and smoothness due to the aging process. Fat transfers are typically performed by removing fat from other areas of the body and injecting them into areas in the face that help to reduce the signs of sunken skin as well as emphasizing bone structure.

Fat transfer and micro fat transfer procedures are commonly used in facial rejuvenation techniques and procedures such as eyelid surgery and some facelifts.  Fat transfer procedures help to soften the often bony or harsh lines of aging faces, caused by a thinning of the skin and reduction of fatty tissues around the face.

Who Benefits from Anti Aging Treatments?

Anyone concerned about aging will benefit from antiaging treatments, procedures, and programs. While physicians and skin care enthusiasts have yet to find the endless youth, there is no doubt that a healthy lifestyle, a nutritious and balanced diet, daily exercise and skin care helps to reduce signs of aging. Add to that the benefits of a fat transfer rejuvenation treatment, and many people are more than ready to reap the benefits.

Fat Transfer Rejuvenation Technique

Autologous fat transfers, or fat taken from one area of a patient's body to be injected into another is also known as fat grafting or fat transplantation.  The most common areas for fat transplants include the face, to help fill and wrinkles increases, but the procedure is popular to create shapelier hips, buttocks, and breasts and th is often utilized in chin and cheek implant procedures.

Fat is most commonly taken from a patient:

  • Through a syringe with a large bore needle
  • Through a liposuction cannula

The fat transfer rejuvenation technique is generally performed by engaging minor liposuction in areas of the patient's body with excess stores of fat. A local anesthetic or light sedation is offered, but the patient is awake during the procedure.  Fat that has been suction from one area of the body can then be injected into any area of the face using what is called a microinjection technique. This technique enables the plastic or cosmetic surgeon to inject very small portions of fat within multiple skin layers, depending on area to beat "plumped".

The most common areas for fat transfer include the jaw line, around the mouth, and in the lower eyelid areas of the face. Following a fat transfer procedure, individuals may go either home the same day or a following day with little discomfort or downtime.  A little over half of individuals receiving transferred fat enjoy long-term benefits and results from a single treatment.

?Who Performs Fat Transfer Procedures?

Do your homework and research physicians, surgeons and facilities to the best of your ability. Any type of surgical procedure should be performed by a certified and expertly trained cosmetic or plastic surgeon that specializes in fat transfer surgical techniques. Surgeons should belong to national and even international organizations and associations of plastic and cosmetic surgeons as well as specialty subfields.

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