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Reconstructive Urology Procedures Treatment Abroad

Reconstructive Urology Procedures Treatment Abroad



Reconstructive urology is a term that defines reconstruction of male and female genitalia due to trauma, disease, or urologic conditions. Reconstructive surgery is designed to improve function of damaged or diseased organs or bodily functions.

Common Procedures in Reconstructive Urology

Some of the most common procedures performed in the field of reconstructive urology include but are not limited to:

  • Refractory male urethral strictures
  • Urethral disruption due to pelvic fracture or other injury
  • Bladder reconstruction
  • Ureter reconstruction
  • Male urinary incontinence
  • Peyronies disease (including penile implantation, grafting, or plaque incision)
  • Fistulas

Reconstructive urology procedures also provide aesthetic improvement, repair or procedures to improve the appearance of female and male genitalia, called genitourinary reconstruction. Reconstruction of labia majora and minora in females is increasingly popular as are procedures to improve the appearance of male genitalia, most specifically in the removal of excess skin.

Who Benefits from Reconstructive Urology?

Any individual who has experienced an injury or trauma to urinary organs or genitalia may benefit from reconstructive urology procedures. These types of procedures are also performed for those who have experienced some damage or disruption of function to such organs or tissues caused by prostate, bladder, testicular, or kidney cancer. Individuals experiencing female or male urinary incontinence, as well as men experiencing enlarged prostate or erectile dysfunction or infertility may benefit from such procedures.

Treatments and Costs for Reconstructive Urology

Treatments for reconstructive urology procedures depend on a number of factors, including the damage and or lack of or loss of function in anatomical tissues or structures. Approaches to surgery, when needed, also play a role in the treatment or procedure, as do the location of the problem and the ultimate goal of the reconstructive procedure.

As such, costs of a variety of reconstructive urology procedures depend on what's being done, the severity of the problem, and the overall goals of the procedure costs, which are also determined by the geographic location of the facility, the surgeon's fees, anesthesiology fees, and whether prosthetics or specialized tools, equipment, or techniques such as robotic surgery are required.

Who Performs Reconstructive Urology Procedures?

Reconstructive Urology Procedures are performed by an urologist, specialized in pelvic surgery, which includes the baldder, kidneysm urethra and the reproductive organs. The surgeon must be experienced and be trained in general surgery and urology.


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