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A popular cosmetic procedure, dermabrasion is used to improve the facial skin that may have been scarred by either surgeries or accidents, or most commonly used to smooth skin that has fine lines or wrinkles. Another form of dermabrasion is dermaplaning, which is used to treat those who have been affected with deep acne scars.

The dermabrasion procedure is performed either on small, centralized locations, or in some cases the entire face undergoes the treatment. Some patients opt to use dermabrasion when they are going in for other procedures like a facelift, or a chemical peel. While dermabrasion is a great solution for smoothing out the skin tone or reducing the appearance of scars, it does not prevent aging or remove the entire appearance of scar tissue. There are other alternative treatments to dermabrasion, including chemical peels which can do more for finer lines and wrinkles. 

About Dermabrasion Procedures

The dermabrasion procedure is done in a variety of locations. Many times patients opt to do it in the surgeon’s office, since it is more cost effective. The surgeon will place the patient under a local anesthesia, which allows the area to be numbed for optimal comfort. Other forms of anesthesia that are offered are a numbing spray or general anesthesia, depending on the needs or comfort level of the patient.

Completed in a short amount of time, Dermabrasion can take either a few minutes or longer than an hour, depending on the amount of work that will be done. If there is a lot of scarring, the procedure is done in stages in order to achieve optimal results. Once the patient is under anesthesia, the surgeon uses a brush, or attachment with diamond particles attached to a motorized handle to brush over the area, continuing until the appearance of wrinkles or scars is reduced.

Common Dermabrasion Treatment Procedure

After the dermabrasion treatment is complete, the patient’s skin is most likely red or puffy. Some patients also feel their face experiencing a burning or aching feeling, but a pain relieving medication given by the surgeon reduces most side-effects. After a few days, the swelling will go down, with other levels of healing in the dermabrasion process beginning.

The areas that underwent dermabrasion will resemble a scab as it begins to heal, and once that stage is over pink, tightened skin will surface. As the new skin is exposed after the scabbing, it may begin to itch and the doctor will offer an ointment to help with comfort. It is important to note that if the patient uses the ointment directly after the procedure, there will be little to no scab formation to deal with.

Once the healing process begins, the surgeon will give the patient instructions on how to care for the skin while it’s healing. Men are advised to shave only with an electric razor while the skin heals. Following instructions from the surgeon, the healing will be as short and painless as possible. The skin will be tight and pink for a few weeks, so sun exposure must be avoided for at least six to twelve months.

Who Benefits from Dermabrasion?

The benefits to dermabrasion are the renewed, healthy and smooth skin that grows following the procedure. Fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed out, as are scars from acne or accidents. Easy to perform, dermabrasion allows for new skin to surface, providing a fresh look and appearance.

Choosing a surgeon

As with any cosmetic procedure, finding a capable and professional surgeon is very important. Be sure to check any previous work or credentials that the surgeon has, and also choose a location that is clean and up-to-date with equipment and procedures. Make sure your cosmetic or plastic surgeon is fully trained and accredited with reputable training and educational facilities in his or her country of origin.

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