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Hair Restoration and Transplantation Treatment Abroad

Hair Restoration Treatment Abroad

Hair Restoration Treatment Overview

Hair restoration treatments are a common method used to enhance hair growth and appearance in men and women. Though most commonly utilized by men, women may also make use of hair restoration treatments and methods that help give the appearance of a fuller, healthier head of hair. Most hair loss is caused by weak hair follicles. Various treatments and procedures attempt to address this issue, but all treatments are not created equal. Prices also vary depending on the type of treatment chosen.

Common Hair Restoration Methods

  • Laser hair restoration
  • Hair restoration surgery
  • Hair restoration transplant
  • Hair replacement

Laser hair restoration treatments utilize tools like special laser hair combs that help increase blood circulation within the scalp and hair follicle. Such stimulation will lead to healthier hair follicles. This type of treatment is best designed for those with thinning hair, but not for those who have bald spots. This type of procedure does not utilize any type of surgery or special ointments or creams.

Hair restoration surgery is a technique that removes a portion of the scalp area where hair loss has exposed a bald spot. The bald spot is removed and sections of scalp are sewn together to create a newer, fuller head of hair. This type of surgical procedure is only recommended for small areas of baldness.

Hair restoration transplants utilize the removal of healthy hair follicles from one area of the head that are then transplanted into the areas of the scalp where hair is thinning or nonexistent. Various techniques are used in this method and rely greatly on the skill and experience from the surgeon performing the surgery for optimal and natural looking results. This type of transplant surgery is recommended for larger areas of thinning hair or bald spots.

Hair replacement methods often utilize the purchase of a good hairpiece. These days, hairpieces are high quality and are often indistinguishable from natural hair.

Who Benefits from Hair Restoration Procedures?

Men have been addressing hair loss issues for thousands of years. Techniques and treatments through the centuries have produced a number of failures as well as beneficial treatments to enhance the look of thinning hair. In the 21st century, microsurgical hair replacement techniques are growing in popularity and effectiveness. Men and women who suffer a lack of confidence or are disappointed in their appearance may benefit from hair restoration methods and procedures that help to create natural looking hair.

Cost of Hair Transplant

How Much Does Hair Restoration Cost?

In the United States, laser hair combs cost between $400 and $1,170, and sometimes more. Hair restoration surgeries may cost between $2,000 and $10,000. Hair restoration transplants can cost anywhere from $5,000-$15,000. In the United States and in most countries around the world, the number of grafts that are involved in a specific technique or procedure determines costs. A single graft typically transplants three to four shafts of hair. In the United States, the average cost per graft ranges between $2 and $6 dollars. Substantial savings may be had in locations such as Mexico, Costa Rica, Thailand and India.

Who Performs Hair Restoration Treatments?

A trained and certified physician or a certified dermasurgeon should perform hair restoration treatments. Always make sure to ask what type of medical training he or she has obtained as well as what medical associations or societies he or she belongs to. Experienced physicians or surgeons should belong to International Societies of Hair Restoration Surgery groups or the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery.

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