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Robotic Lung Surgery Abroad

Robotic Lung Surgery Abroad

Robotic Lung Surgery, also known as robotically-assisted surgery for lung ailment is a minimally invasive closed-chest surgery. Earlier, heart surgeons had to cut the patient's chest nearly up to one foot long approximately. They had to open the entire breastbone up and then operate the patient.

Robotically assisted surgery, on the other hand, is closed-chest surgery the doctor makes an incision (sometimes two) in the patient's chest. The size of each incision is nearly the size of a fingertip. Robotically assisted surgery does not require the doctor to open up the breast bone. It doesn't require the ribs to be split apart to operate.

The traditional lung surgery that required splitting the ribs and opening the breast bone is less effective as it makes the healing process difficult, whereas, in closed-chest surgery, the patient experiences faster recovery and can get back to his everyday much more earlier than normal surgery.

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