Modelina Alexandra's Testimonial of Robotic Spine Surgery in Bursa, Turkey for Scoliosis Relief

Treating Scoliosis with Spinal Surgery in Turkey

Category: Orthopedic Surgery Abroad
Country: Turkey
Procedure: Robotic Surgery

Modelina Alexandra Story: Struggling with Scoliosis

Meet Modelina Alexandra, a 22-year-old from Russia who has been grappling with scoliosis since the age of 12. Initially considered just a cosmetic issue, her scoliosis took a turn for the worse three years ago when she started experiencing severe pain, hampering her daily activities and quality of life. Despite trying conservative treatments, her condition worsened over time, leaving her with limited mobility and constant discomfort. Faced with the daunting prospect of surgery, Alexandra embarked on a journey in search of a solution that would alleviate her pain and restore her mobility.

Modelina Alexandra Robotic Spine Surgery in Bursa, Turkey

“I really liked the professionalism of the doctor. I asked him many questions about my illness, he gave me comprehensive answers. The attitude here is very good. I really liked the room.” - Modelina Alexandra

Seeing Glimmer of Hope at Turan Turan Health Group in Bursa, Turkey

In her quest for effective treatment, Alexandra came across Turan Turan Health Group, located in Istanbul, Turkey. Upon learning about their specialized expertise in spinal surgeries, particularly robotic spine surgery, Alexandra saw a glimmer of hope. After all, this innovative approach was not readily available in her home country or neighboring Germany. With the promise of advanced technology and skilled professionals, Alexandra decided to explore her options further at Turan Turan Health Group.

Alexandra's Research and Decision-Making

Alexandra's decision to choose Turan Turan Health Group was informed by thorough research and positive patient testimonials. She delved into online resources, scouring through success stories and verifying the clinic's credentials. The clinic's reputation for excellence in lower back pain treatment, coupled with their state-of-the-art facilities and affordable options, solidified Alexandra's decision to pursue treatment there. Through virtual consultations with the clinic's staff and doctors, Alexandra felt reassured about the expertise and personalized care she would receive at Turan Turan.

Robotic Spine Surgery in Bursa, Turkey

Turan Turan Helped Alexandra Facilitate Her Travel

As Alexandra prepared for her journey to Istanbul, she encountered some initial challenges, particularly with visa requirements. However, Turan Turan Health Group extended their assistance, providing the necessary visa invitation and medical documents to facilitate her travel. With these logistical hurdles overcome, Alexandra embarked on her journey to Istanbul, eager to find relief from her debilitating condition.

Consultation and Diagnosis at Turan Turan Health Group

Upon arrival in Istanbul, Alexandra underwent her first consultation with Dr. Yunus UYSAL at Turan Turan Health Group. Through comprehensive examinations, including X-rays and other diagnostic tests, Dr. Yunus UYSAL confirmed the severity of Alexandra's scoliosis and outlined a tailored treatment plan. Despite the language barrier, Dr. Yunus UYSAL effectively communicated the diagnosis and treatment options in English, ensuring Alexandra felt informed and supported throughout the process.

Alexandra Robotic Spine Surgery in Bursa, Turkey at Turan Turan

“She came to Turkey from her country in line with our suggestion. Of course, the reason for choosing this place is beacuse in our country there is a high level of application of medical practices and the robotic spine surgery technique available in our institution.” – Dr. Yunus UYSAL

Treatment Plan: Robotic Spine Surgery to Correct Alexandra's Scoliosis

Dr. Yunus UYSAL proposed a multifaceted treatment plan, which included robotic spine surgery to correct Alexandra's scoliosis. This personalized approach also encompassed post-operative physical therapy, rehabilitation, and pain management strategies to optimize Alexandra's recovery and long-term outcomes. With a clear roadmap for treatment in place, Alexandra felt a renewed sense of hope and confidence in her journey towards healing.

Transformative Experience for Alexandra

Undergoing surgery at Turan Turan Health Group was a transformative experience for Alexandra. The expertise and professionalism of the medical staff instilled trust and reassurance throughout her stay. As she progressed through her recovery, Alexandra noticed gradual improvements in her mobility and pain levels, thanks to the diligent care and support provided by the clinic's team. With each passing day, Alexandra felt closer to reclaiming her life free from the constraints of scoliosis.

Alexandra Testimonial of Scoliosis Spine Surgery in Bursa, Turkey

Alexandra Embraced Life with Renewed Vigor

Following her successful treatment at Turan Turan Health Group, Alexandra returned to Russia feeling liberated from the burden of scoliosis. With regular follow-up appointments via video calls with Dr. Yunus UYSAL and ongoing support from the clinic's rehabilitation team, Alexandra continued to make strides in her recovery. Armed with newfound strength and mobility, Alexandra embraced life with renewed vigor, eager to pursue her passions and dreams unhindered by the limitations of her condition. Thanks to Turan Turan Health Group, Alexandra's journey towards healing had come full circle, marking the beginning of a brighter, pain-free chapter in her life.

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Spine Surgery in Bursa Turkey Modelina Story at Turan Turan

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