Robotic Urology Surgery - Robotic Surgery

Robotic Urology Surgery

Robotic Urology Surgery

Robotic surgery is the latest cutting-edge technological advancement in the medical field. The surgeon sits at a console and controls robotic arms which were hitherto either very complicated or fraught with prohibitive complications.

Robotic urology surgery treats the pelvis, which is the lower part of the trunk between the abdomen and the thighs along with its organ-like:

  • Prostate
  • Urinary bladder, and
  • Uterus

Robotic surgery is even advanced than laparoscopy and is beyond the limitations of pure laparoscopy. Urological surgery has been beneficial to operate prostate cancer with a reduced hospital stay of the patients by even 24hrs. The patient can begin to walk in 4hrs after surgery and can also get back to work in a few days. Other urological problems like diseases of the kidneys, bladder, intestines, surgery for obesity, uterus, ovary, and even heart surgery can be done with robotic assistance in a very short time of hospital stay and recovery.

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