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Osteoporosis is a condition which affects bones, making them fragile and weak and prone to fractures. The bones become so brittle and weak that they might break in the eventuality of mild stresses, such as bending over or even coughing. Osteoporosis usually occurs in the wrist, spine or hip, but can also affect the pelvis or arms. Osteoporosis is detected after a bone density scan or DEXA scan.
Osteoporosis Causes
• Menopause
• Ageing and the gradual loss of bone density
• An overactive thyroid gland
• Certain medication which affect bone density
• Family history of the Thinning Bone disease
• Smoking and heavy drinking
• Low body weight
Osteoporosis Symptoms
Unfortunately Osteoporosis has no warning symptoms. It is usually detected when a minor fall causes a fracture and therefore the susceptibility for the condition. The most common injuries are spinal bones, hip and wrist fractures.
The symptoms appear when the bones are already weakened and include:
• Loss of height over time
• Back pain in the case of a collapsed vertebra or a fracture
• A bone fracture which occurs much easily than normal
Osteoporosis Treatment
The Osteoporosis treatment usually consists of medication to strengthen bones and therefore preventing fractures. But, according to the DEXA results, age and risk of fracture, the doctor will prescribe a certain treatment plan.
Some of the medications usually prescribed for Osteoporosis are bisphosphonates, such as Aledronate,Risedronate, Ibandronate or Zoledronic acid. Hormone therapy, such as estrogen or testosterone therapy, are also an option to keep Oteoporosis under control. Unfortunately, hormone therapy increases the risk of breast and endometrial cancer, heart disease and blood cloths.
Osteoporosis Prevention
• Exercise regularly
• Reduce alcohol intake and smoking
• Eat healthy
• Prevent falls
• Check if you have Vitamin D deficiency and fix that as soon as possible
Although the idea of having Osteoporosis and being always at risk of breaking a bone might affect your life, you do not have to give up on doing things you enjoy. Just be a little more careful!
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