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Box Technique Overview

The BOX Technique was invented in 2008 by Dr. Menoni Andrea in Italy and is the first prosthetic guided bone regeneration method which restores lost bone in the jaw by using polylactid acid absorbable materials. The procedure is needed for the patients who need implants but they have no jaw bone to fix those.

How does Box Technique work?

A container or box is created in the area where the jaw bone is missing, which will be filled with a certain type of absorbable material. Therefore the lost bone volume is restored without using bones from other parts of the body. The purpose of the Box Technique is to restore the esthetics and functionality of the bone.

The bone which has been lost due to teeth loss, trauma or medical conditions, can be fully restored in a single visit to the dentist. Six-eight months after this procedure the patient will come for a second time to have the dental implants and dental crowns applied.

The materials used for this procedure are bioresorbable and biocompatible, which means that they will not be rejected by the body, there will be no inflammation and no other side effects. There is no need for a second visit to the dentist to remove screws or membranes, only the visit to have the implants applied. The degradation of the poly D,L-lactic acid (PDLLA) mesh plates and PDLLA pins results only in water and carbon dioxide which are easily eliminated by the body.

Benefits of the Box technique:

  • Fixes the lost bone volume

  • Enables implantation on the jaw to be applied more easily and simply

  • 3 Dimensional bone fixations

  • Fixes the bone completely and restores it to the initial shape

  • Fixes the jaw bone not only functionally but also aesthetically

For more information about the Box Technique and the clinics which offer this procedure, do not hesitate to contact us!

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