Comprehensive Treatment of Breast Cancer at Beijing Puhua

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Comprehensive Treatment of Breast Cancer, BPIH, China

Comprehensive Treatment of Breast Cancer at Beijing Puhua International Hospital- A Case Study

Judy Maureen Kusel from Canada, born in 21 September 1946, was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was admitted at Beijing Puhua International Hospital (BPIH) and received a comprehensive treatment inclusive of Sono-dynamic therapy, DC-CIK celluar therapy, and traditional Chinese medicine.

Medical History prior to Admission to Beijing Puhua International Hospital (BPIH) for Anti-Cancer Treatment

Ms. Kusel, a 69-year-old female who was admitted at Beijing Puhua International Hospital for advanced cancer treatment. In January 2004, she underwent right breast lumpectomy followed by chemotherapy and radiation for HER-2 positive infiltrating ductal carcinoma. In April 2013, she underwent a right breast mastectomy with extensive skin grafting, followed by Photodynamic Therapy and surgical removal of lymph nodes. In January 2015, she underwent radiation to her right thorax. The PET-CT scan in May 2015 indicated recurrent FDG soft tissue lesions within the right chest wall and left breast. The small soft tissue lesions in the left breast and back were treated with stereotactic radiation in Canada in June 2015.

Comprehensive Treatment of Breast Cancer (2 Weeks of Inpatient Care)

Chest CT scan which was performed on 24 July 2015 showed 2 subcutaneous lesions with 0.5cm and 0.3cm in diameter, located in the right chest wall. The above lesions were treated with Sono-Dynamic Therapy, which was well tolerated and without any complications. Immunotherapy using a DC-CIK cell infusion was performed on 03 August 2015. Synergistically Ms. Kusel also received Acupuncture and TCM, to enhance energy and general wellbeing.

Comprehensive Treatment of Breast Cancer at Beijing Puhua International Hospital, China

Medical Condition after Anti-Cancer Treatment at BPIH

After 2 weeks of treatment at BPIH, the patient was discharged, both her and her husband were very satisfied with the treatment provided. Ms. Kusel’s physical condition is showing continued improvement, and she has no discomfort. She is becoming more positive and optimistic in her fight against cancer. Before leaving the hospital, she and her husband recorded a video describing their overall positive experience of the treatment they did receive at BPIH. The follow-up team at BPIH will stay in contact with her and we are looking forward to witness her continued improvement in health. 

Breast Cancer Treatment in BPIH, China


Mr. & Mrs. Kusel are very satisfied with the cancer treatment program at Beijing Puhua International Hospital.


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