Advanced Treatment for Peripheral Nerve Injury at BPIH

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Advanced Treatment for Peripheral Nerve InjuryAdvanced Treatment for Peripheral Nerve Injury at BPIH

Mr. Umesh Agarwal, a 42-year-old male patient from India, was diagnosed with left-sided Sciatic Nerve pain and he also complained about migraine headaches which reoccurred over the last 20 years. He was treated at Beijing Puhua International Hospital (BPIH) with Peripheral Nerve Repair, Neural growth factor implantation, Rehabilitation Therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The treatment worked wonders for him.

Treatment History of Mr. Agarwal

2 years ago, Mr. Agarwal’s local doctor tried to treat his sciatic nerve pain by injecting him with a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory, called Voveran. Unfortunately, he was injected at the wrong spot and a large bruise was visible soon after. The local doctor suggested applying ice packs, however, pain and a numb feeling started to develop below his knee shortly after. These symptoms remained and as time progressed, he began to feel hyperesthesia just below his left knee and developed a left ankle movement disorder. These symptoms were getting worse over the following 2 years and to help Mr. Agarwal to cope with the pain, he started to use Pantazocine injections daily, a painkiller.

Prior to his admission to our hospital, Mr. Agarwal tried many different treatments to help him recover the mobility of his left foot and to lessen the pain, which included surgical treatment for the sciatic pain and left Achilles tendon. However, no improvements were noticed and Mr. Agarwal still could not sleep due to the severe foot pain. His foot was paralyzed, swollen and full of burring and tingling sensations, which made his life very miserable.

Why He Came to BPIH?

Mr. Agarwal and his wife were reading on our hospital’s website about - Dr. Yanni Li, our Specialist in Microsurgery and were encouraged by the fact that she was specializing in nerve repair and is well known for her high success rate. So they decided to come to Beijing Puhua International Hospital, to be treated by Dr.Yanni Li.

Treatment at BPIH

Mr. Agarwal required two weeks of hospitalization, during which he received a personalized treatment regime, designed by our professional medical team, as well as thorough nursing care. Dr. Yanni Li personally examined him and decided to use local neural growth factor injections to repair his injured Sciatic Nerve.

Advanced Treatment for Peripheral Nerve Injury

Before the commencement of the treatment, Mr. Agarwal was given nutritional medicines to improve the repair of the nerves. For the Peripheral Nerve Repair, local Neural growth factor injections were administered, followed by Rehabilitation Therapy (Physical and Occupational Therapy) and TCM.

Prior to his discharge from our hospital, Dr. Yanni Li communicated with Mr. Agarwal and his wife regarding his condition and gave him further advice. Mr. Agarwal was full of joy as he can now walk without the aid of a walking stick or wheelchair and his left foot pain has totally disappeared. He kindly rejected the offer from our nurse to use a wheelchair to exit our hospital and said full of joy: I no longer need a wheelchair. I can walk by myself!

Advanced Treatment for Peripheral Nerve Injury

About Dr. Yanni Li

Dr. Yanni Li -is our Director of Microsurgery, who specializes in nerve repair. She is well known for her highly successful rate, especially for the treatment of Brachial Plexus Injuries.

Dr. Li is a Graduate of Peking University, China’s Top Medical School and worked in the United States for 17 years (Mayo Clinic, Kleiner Hand Surgery Center and St Mindray Medical Center). The “Yanni knot” (now one of the most common laparoscopic knot methods), was invented by and named after.

With over 40 years of medical experience, she has successfully treated thousands of different of nerve injuries and Dr. Li has earned a unique understanding in neuroanastomosis especially in the treatment of brachial plexus injuries. Since the 1970’s Dr. Yanni Li started to apply her techniques of neuroanastomosis to brachial plexus injury (obstetric brachial plexus palsy) and in the 1980s, Dr. Li brought this technique to America. Until now, Dr. Li has continued to improve her work with the repair of brachial plexus injuries and most of her patients will gain a significant improvement and functional recovery.

Her unique knowledge of nerve injuries and exquisite microsurgical technique are a blessing to our hospital and more importantly to her patients.


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