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Alternative Treatment Experiece for Chronic Fungal Infection in Mexico

Date: July 7, 2010
Have you ever felt sick or just not yourself and your physicians tell you there is nothing wrong with you? That's the way it began some twenty years ago. I was later diagnosed with Systemic Candida. In a high state of toxicity and despair, I went to a homeopathic nutritionist who recommended that I call and make an appointment to see the doctors at Bio Care Hospital in Tijuana, Mexico. I knew I was in need of alternative medical help that was beyond what I experienced in the states. I could not tolerate the smell of flowers or chemicals.

I could not walk past a swimming pool without coming close to passing out or much less, having the candida get worse. I needed desperate help from someone who understood a disease that was then not highly researched in the United States medical field. When I arrived I was treated with respect, love, and great care bythe nurses, the doctors, and staff. It was the beginning of a long road to healing, but I thank God every day for this Hospital, Clinic, and staff. There is no magic bullet. I have been back a number of times for treatment and cells to boost my immune system. After that first visit to the Hospital, it took me three months to get back to work on a part-time basis. Each time I returned to the hospital, I experienced a definite but gradual healing toward my ultimate goal of becoming well. There is hope for all of us. That doesn’t mean that there can never be interruptions in our goals.

In 2005 while at the Bio Care Hospital, I was told that my heart appeared somewhat enlarged on an x-ray. Without the insight of Dr. Romero, followed by a quadruple heart bypass in the states, I would not be able to write this testimony. My highest recommendation for anyone suffering within the wide variety of diseases is to get the help of the International Bio Care Hospital and Medical Center in Tijuana, Mexico. The physicians and nurses at the Hospital are well-trained in integrative medicines and alternative therapies.

Dorothy M. Black

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