Bob Experience after Stem Cell Rheumatoid Arthritis in USA

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Stem Cell Rheumatoid Arthritis for 50 – 80 Years Old Patient

Best Stem Cell Rheumatoid Arthritis and Stem Cell for COPD at Stemedix

Watch Video about patient testimonial Bob who has done Stem Cell Rheumatoid Arthritis and COPD in Florida by Stemedix. Book this treatment now at PlacidWay. Bob shares his journey with COPD and Rheumatoid Arthritis. Later on, he explains how regenerative medicine or Stem Cell Transplant USA provides improvement in his life until today!

Stem Cell Transplant USA for 80 Years Old Patient with COPD and RA

”I had rheumatoid arthritis. The COPD was progressively getting worse. The COPD was hard to breathe and I had difficulty going to many places. The problem was that if you I couldn't walk very far because I actually couldn't breathe. You know I'd always have to go in little ways and then sit down and catch my breath and then I could get up and go support that was a problem. I was using several medications it was deteriorating to the point where for me to walk from one end of the hotel to another.”

”I pretty much had to stop and rest and catch my breath. I heard about stem cell treatment here.  First they put you in an oxygen lung to oxygenate your body a couple of days after that they actually did the injection for them stem cells for to treat the rheumatoid arthritis and then after that I put on a breathing device where they injected the stem cells into the lungs. I would breed them into the lungs and that was the end of it I. can actually came home and there was some benefit right away about a year later. Then, I started really getting some benefit from it.”

”The benefit was better yeah and I rationalized that what the stem cells do is they cause body tissue to grow. Body tissue does not grow overnight things are going in the right direction instead of having one injection of medicine a week. And now for the arthritis I have one injection a month as far as the breathing instead of having using two medicines.”

”I now use one but with the COPD. I get tested. I take breathing tests not ever said my about every six months the breathing isn't as improved and I get along much better. I've always taken care done everything myself whatever I needed to do I did it and now that I'm 80 years old I'm able to do more than I could do five years ago a lot of limitations have are gone.”

Advantages of Cell Regenerative Therapy for COPD and Rheumatoid Arthritis by Stemedix

Check several advantages below regarding Stem Cell Rheumatoid Arthritis in St Petersburg, Florida by Stemedix:

  • Cost-effective procedure with long lasting result
  • Personalized therapy options
  • Medical history and supplemental evaluations
  • Dedicated care coordinator & provider
  • Hotel and Personal Car Service accommodations included

Book Now Stem Cell Rheumatoid Arthritis in St Petersburg Florida by Stemedix!

Stem Cell for COPD and Stem Cell Rheumatoid Arthritis in St Petersburg Florida by Stemedix has benefited patients of all ages. It's time for you to get the best treatment from an experienced doctor. Make sure to contact our Customer Support for more information:

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