Elizabeth Experience after Stem Cell for Lupus in Mexico

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Story from Elizabeth after Stem Cell for Lupus in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Watch testimonial Video of Stem Cell for Lupus in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. Book your consultation now at PlacidWay. Stem cell therapy is proving to be a promising treatment option for patients with lupus. Elizabeth, who has been living with lupus for years, decided to give it a try. She traveled to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, to receive stem cell treatment at a Immunotherapy. So far, Elizabeth is feeling much better. She reports that her energy levels have increased and she's experiencing fewer lupus flares. She's hopeful that this therapy will help her manage her lupus long-term.

Elizabeth Feels Better after Receiving Regenerative Therapy for Lupus in Mexico

“My name is Elizabeth i am 28 years old i live in los angeles California. I was diagnosed with lupus in october 2012 along with other conditions such as chill planes and lung conditions as well. I was taking medications such as um prednisone and other like cell set that i didn't feel really was were helping me enough.“

“I was actually having a lot of side effects such as um my hair would fall off. I used to get swollen rashes on my skin and i felt like i wasn't living a good life. I couldn't even get up out of bed in the morning and it wasn't living. I was losing hope already because i couldn't even do that a lot of things already at home.“

“I couldn't even get out of bed by myself thankfully i i met someone that had came to see Dr Ernesto to his clinic krebs that mentioned that she was able to feel better after she had the treatment of stem cells and then that's when i decided to come to mexico and receive the treatment. I noticed the changes in my body a few days after i got the treatment. I noticed that my fingers were feeling better and that i noticed some changes in my body a lot of my wounds use uh healed faster.“

“And i noticed a lot in my lungs my breathing basically it was a whole body treatment i used to get stem cells through iv and there's no i didn't feel any pain in my body. I I feel very comfortable and the doctor made me feel very comfortable the staff is very friendly and i would recommend everyone to come here to mexico to see Dr Ernesto Romero Lopez to his clinic crest because it does help.“

“I took a lot of medicine over there i used to take 15 medications during the day and 15 at night and all i used to get was side effects only swollen my hair used to fall off all the joints were still stiff and now with this treatment. I i live a normal life he i remember the words that the doctor said i can't say that i could heal you but i could guarantee you a better quality of life and that's what i have now i'm able to do all the activities and i'm very thankful and to god first of all and to the doctor that helped me thank you.“

Why Choose Regenerative Therapy for Lupus in Puerto Vallarta Mexico by Immunotherapy

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