Beverly Testimonial after Stem Cell in Tijuana Mexico

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Patient Review – Holistic Treatment in Tijuana Mexico

Watch Testimonial from Beverly after Receiving Holistic Treatment in Tijuana Mexico

Watch real patient testimonial after Holistic Treatment in Tijuana Mexico by Holistic Care. Schedule your appointment for Regenerative Therapy at PlacidWay. Check Beverly full story below:

"I have had the best care from everyone not one thing to complain my name is beverly marshall and i heard about the clinic on facebook from some of my local friends in my area so i was really after some dental care and all the mercury removal was what was most important when i first came here well working on getting my dental all cleared up and more dental work in time but then when i got here i realized there was chiropractic care."

"And i've been wanting to work on my back my posture correcting some old injuries and my nutrition and wellness with the iv care was important to me and you had everything here perfect match they all go so well together it's really why i keep coming back it's really a beautiful blend wonderful owners great people all the providers are so good very friendly i have had the best care from everyone not one thing to complain really great people we've been treated very well the owners have picked us up at the airport and brought us here yeah been very nice this was perfect."

"I think you guys are able to provide all this access easier for me less restriction a little less money a little less restriction seems easier here for me so i've done prp in my knees i've done all the dental work and continued to do some i've done dr bergman in the full assessments i've done all the iv nutrition every time i come this is my fifth time and i do everything my dental experience was the best ever."

Why Choose Regenerative Treatments in Tijuana Mexico by Holistic Care

  • Enhance the mind-body-spirit connection
  • Improve well-being, lower stress, and help to reduce trauma responses
  • Best center in Mexico with 21 years of experience in Holistic Treatment
  • Enhance the growth of new healthy tissue.

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