Wooridul Hospital, Seoul, South Korea

Center Name :Wooridul Hospital

Location :70 Haneul-gil, Gangseo-gu
Seoul, South Korea
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Herination Lumbar Disc Treatment in South Korea

wooridul testy 3 Dear president Sang Ho LEE, Dr. Cheol-Woong PARK, Dr.Yi-Sheng TSANG,

Your Wooridul Spine Hospital has been maintaining one of the hightest quality, best professional spine hospital. You cured me of my low back pain, and you help me to relex for both physical and mentally.

I felt no low back pain, no leg pain and weakness, only minor numbness of my left lateral foot now. Thank you very much.

I suffered from a low back pain while my heavy baggage lifting at March 10, 2003, my pain is constant and is frequently aggravated by coughing, sneezing, straining, and it which was initially located in the low back can shift into left side of the buttocks and into the sacroiliac joint, radiation into the left thigh, later extends into the lateral foot, cramps of the calf muscles in my left leg. I felt my left legs paralyzed and numbness of my left lateral foot.

I just cannot straighten up easily because of my severe, incapacitating pain, so I cannot continue my fellow work and study. I told my illness to James and Dr. TSANG, Dr. TSANG took a history and had a physical examination for me, and then reported my condition to president Sang Ho LEE. You gave me physical therapy and some medicine of pain relief because my pain is very terrible at first. I took a X-ray picture, CT scan and MRI. According to all above data of mine, you made a case discussion, and made a diagnosis that is herination lumbar disc, L5-S1, left side. The herniated neclenus pulposus is very large.

Dr. Park who has far advanced technology in minimally invasive spine surgery performed PELD on my spine on March 17, 2003, the period of operation is only about 30 minutes, my operative incision is only 6 mm in length. I can straighten up and walk again with my brace on the next day, Dr. Park made a ward round, and think I get discharged from hospital. The operation was a huge success, marvelous efficacy, MRI postoperative showed that my herniated disc was removed enough, so I continue my fellow work and study on 7 days after operation. The operation is very wonderful, fantastic treatment to me.

I am very luck to have met president LEE, Dr. PARK, Dr. TSANG, James, Dr Myuny-Joon KIM and other doctors, nurses in Wooridul Spine Hospital.

Thank you very much for my treatment on behalf of my family and professor Shangli LIU. BEST WISHES! Sincerely,

Bo YANG, a fellow from ChinaApril 16, 2003

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