Best Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Mexico

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Testimonial by Jennifer Cobernus; Gastric Sleeve in Mexico

Dr. Maytorena saved my life! And not just by providing me the opportunity to loose weight and change my life. My husband and I had been fighting weight loss, diets, and exercise for several years. We have a son with a metabolic disorder and eating right and staying fit needs to be a big part of his life. We decided to take control and have the gastric sleeve surgery (3/1/2011).

Several days after the surgery we discovered my stomach had a hole in it, which is one risk of the surgery. Dr. Maytorena and his staff quickly determined where it was and how to fix it. So I had a second surgery. Not only did he and his staff assure me that this is a complication that can be expected but it was not life-threatening and could be easily managed. Well, try as they might the repair didn't work. I had very little pain, and by this time I wasn't hungry for anything, just had to fight dry mouth (bring gum!!!) A third surgery for repair was scheduled and the hospital and staff went above and beyond bringing specialists in to assess the situation and provide support. Dr. Maytorena was so amazing and the hospital staff couldn't have been more attentive or caring.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Mexico

Several days later it was determined that the hole remained and no more surgery was available. But over time it would heal and I would be fine. I wasn't sure what to believe but, I kept faith and tried to remain strong. Shortly thereafter I started to bleed into my abdomen. This is when it got scary. But the whole time Dr. Maytorena, the staff, the other surgeons remained confident, focused and faithful, they even prayed with me. They took excellent care of me and attended to my husband who also had the surgery done,while I was struggling. I recovered well, despite the complications. While I wasn't sure at the time, I would be fine.

And I am!!! Actually I'm better! I have lost 10 dress sizes and about 60 pounds! I am smaller than I was at my senior prom! I feel great! I look great! I have more energy, I am able to exercise and have more endurance. I eat better in front of my son and am able to teach him better habits by example. I couldn’t ask for more.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Mexico

Was it scary? Yes! Did these things happen because I had bad surgery in Mexico with a strange doctor? No! After research and other exams by other doctors this risk is not at all common, but if there is a risk to the surgery this is it. Would I do it again? YES!!! Am I considering additional surgery to take care of a few bags and sags? YES!!! and I would come to Dr. Maytorena and I would do it at Hospital de la Familia!
~Jennifer Cobernus, 36 years old.

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