PlacidWay Panama, Panama City, Panama

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Panama City, Panama
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A great Lasik experience in Panama

ageless testimonial "It was very convenient for me to have my eye surgery in Panama because I didn't have to worry about putting somebody else out. I have someone in Panama who helps me all the time. My only regret is that I didn't get this done sooner. I was near sighted and I couldn't read menus; you know you have to whip out these little glasses whenever you go to a restaurant. And you keep losing the glasses, so that really started to bother me."

"I met Eric, the owner of Ageless Wonders and my doctor Dr. Ilka De Obaldía. The staff and doctors all have such a good relationship that I really felt at home with them. Even the front desk receptionist spoke very good English; better than my Spanish. They were all just wonderful."

"Dr. Ilka just made me feel like family, She's young and so chic – very, very pretty and elegant looking. It's so nice to meet someone as young as she is who is doing as well as she does. I will keep in touch. I'm very happy for her and I'll always recommend her. In fact when I was there my neighbor who was visiting from the U.S., was so impressed she scheduled her own appointment to have surgery with Dr. Ilka."

Cheryl Tapplin, Born in Singapur, but with US residency, living now between US and Panama City, Panama
July 23, 2010

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