Diabetes Treatment in Mumbai India Patient Testimonial

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Diabetes Treatment in Mumbai India Patient Testimonial


Diabetes Treatment in Mumbai, India

Patient Testimonial

Mrs. Malik 

I am 64 years old and had been suffering from Diabetes. My sugar levels were so irratic that I kept facing lot of other health issues as well due to this. I was on 60 units of Human Mixtard insulin and 30 units of Actrapid insulin. With the Diabetes stem cell Program, I not only lost unwanted weight, but my insulin dose was reduced to less than half in just 6 weeks and totally stopped taking it in 5 months. I am diabetes free now and feel significant health improvement overall.

Mrs. Madhu Kejriwal

I have been suffering from High BP and Diabetes from the last 15 years. I was also put on a drug called Statin for high cholesterol. I did stem cell program and in 1 month, I had to stop my Blood Pressure medications. In next 1 month my Diabetes medicines were halved. I used to feel so lethargic that I needed to sleep for I got back my confidence and am wearing clothes which are 2 sizes smaller !!! I am so happy and I feel I have become at least 10 years younger. My doctor says that diabetes medicines would be stopped in next 8 weeks as my blood sugars have returned to almost normal. I am 65 years old.

Mr. Shetty

I was suffering from Diabetes for the last 15 years. I was on insulin for last 10 years. Last November, I took the Diabetes Treatment at Rejuvenesse Clinic. The treatment has been designed so well that it took care of my increased weight as well as my sugar levels. Within few weeks of being on the program, I had to stop 50% of the medications I was taking. By the end of 4 months, I did not require Insulin anymore. I thank Rejuvenesse from saving me from the side effects of long term Pharmaceutical medicines.

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