Story of Patients with Kidney Insufficiency in Tijuana, Mexico

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Kidney Insufficiency - Celine

"I started with my first procedure couple of weeks ago. I have lack of function in one of my kidneys and I thought that stem cell therapy could improve my condition. The staff was incredibly kind with me. The place besides being immaculate, it is so beautiful. My entire experience was extremely pleasant. I was very excited since I first heard about this technique because I thought I was out of options for my health status, however the doctors helped me in clarifying all my questions and together with some research that I did I thought it was worth it give it a shot!.

The procedure it self was really fast, and the recovery extremely easy. I took a pain killer, one pain killer on the first day, and the rest of the time the discomfort was very tolerable. Other then that everything great!... Not even a scar.

As far as the results, it's a bit early to start feeling them, but my renal flow appears to be improving. I can now only give time to time and continue with my treatment with lots of hope.

For some time I have experienced numbness in different parts of the body and the doctors never knew I had, saying that "ansidad and nerves" that the spine, back and how I started I was Decadron pills and calm down (drug) that passed most of my time. But in December 2008 was very bad, without feeling any the right side of my body, and the next week around the left side of my body, and the following again the right side again, horrible, numbness of my hands, feet, neck, head, looked twice, or the same thing twice, so I was hospitalized, I studies did esclerois and I was diagnosed with Multiple I showed a lot of cortisone and that helped me improve and to see again but I am usually very tired, without forces, a weariness of doing nothing, with difficulty sleeping, anxiety, depression, and I recommended stem cell treatment and I have Progencell because once this thing differently, he spent one months I'm someone else, I have many strengths, I have no fatigue, I have no numbness anywhere, I see perfectly, and can say that I never feel as well.

The treatment lasted five minutes, I had a very mild trouble of a minute and left foot perfectly without any kind of pain, improvement started a week and today, at four weeks I would do as I say. If I feel like that once I imagine how it is next time.
Without thinking any more I can recommend widely."

Thank you,

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