Mexico Increasingly Popular as a Medical Care Destination

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From stem cells to plastic and reconstructive surgery programs, Mexico is becoming an increasingly accessible, affordable and popular destination for medical tourists not only from neighboring North America, but other Latin countries and international travelers.

Because stem cell technologies are still under study and currently undergoing Phase I and Phase II clinical trials in the United States and treatments and therapies have not been approved for release, individuals hoping for alternative treatments for spinal injuries, neurodegenerative disorders, and paralysis caused by a trauma are seeking help south of the border.

Clinical Trials Slow
Clinical trials and studies researching the efficacy of a variety of stem cell treatments and technologies is extremely slow in the United States. It takes time to develop drugs, conduct studies, and determine the safety and efficacy of a variety of drugs, technologies and treatments.  While this is understandable, many individuals feel that science and technology isn't moving fast enough to help them with their needs when they need it most.

While Americans wait impatiently for stem cell technologies to become available in the United States, countries around the globe such as Mexico have been utilizing stem cell treatments based on embryonic stem cells, umbilical cord stem cell, adult stem cell and placenta-based stem cell treatments and procedures for years.

Affordable Yet Quality Based Services
Medical providers and facilities located throughout Mexico from just south of the border to Mexico City, Guadalajara and further south, offer international travelers affordable yet quality care. Consumers are encouraged and cautioned to investigate and research credentials, accreditation and history of facilities, as well as efficacy of treatments and procedures. Still, growing numbers of medical providers and facilities advertising international patient care are accredited by international quality organizations, fully certified, trained and experienced in their field of expertise.

According to a 2008 article written by staff writer Sara Miller Llana for the Christian Science Monitor and posted on MSN Money, Guadalajara has become a major tourist attraction; one known for plastic surgical procedures. Mexico enjoys a rapidly growing market in medical tourism that also offers the best in vacation spots such as Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan and destinations such as Cancun.

Consumers should know that in most cases, cheaper prices offered in other countries aren't due to substandard care, equipment, technology, or qualifications. Cheaper procedures are due to the fact that doctors in other countries aren't required to spend nearly as much money on medical malpractice insurance as doctors in the United States, thereby passing medical cost savings on to patients.

For example, an American is told that he must pay $50,000 for a surgical procedure in the United States. However, he discovers that he may receive the same treatment from a highly qualified and skilled doctor in Mexico for $7000. He's naturally suspicious. However, a bit of research into the history of the physician or surgeon, his or her training and experience, the facilities, and the type of equipment available is often adequate to allay fears of substandard treatment.

As with seeking healthcare providers in the United States or anywhere else, consumers seeking medical treatment or healthcare services in Mexico need to take the time to do their homework and research facilities, certifications, experience and technologies available in foreign destinations.

Quality Care in Mexico
Mexico offers state of the art, high-tech and world-class quality hospitals, private clinics, outpatient centers and facilities with solid infrastructures in all fields of medical care. Board certified doctors, trained at home and abroad bring a wide range of skills and expertise to their fields and offer the best in services and quality care as facilities in the U.S. or Europe.

Medical tourism is booming in Mexico, especially as health care costs and insurance regulations rise in the United States prompts baby boomers and others around the United States to travel south of the border to benefit and enjoy accessible and affordable healthcare in Mexico.

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